Physical Media Megathread

Both editions are on here, btw:


CDJapan has several of the non-kiddie ones, so at least some of those are physical (whether “only” or “too” I don’t know). A couple manga/comics, too. (After checking out the Drizzt ones, they’re probably translates comics. I hadn’t realized either series had gotten comics.)


ヤバい! I totally missed that when I submitted them here (I marked them as novels)… Just left feedback to fix that. Good catch!


Mail day~

(Top to bottom, left to right)

I’ve been picking up other 松岡なつき books to try since I’ve been enjoying her other series Flesh& Blood so much; the three pictured here are some of her earlier works. (The last one may be her first published one, actually.)

Ah, and neat fact I didn’t realize until opening it @nikoru: the illustrator for ブライト•プリズン is 彩! Same as F&B v. 12+!

Non-books in same order

The top two rectangles of paper are this year’s “premium birthday fair” sets; they’re extra stories for novels and manga published by the Chara label.

Bottom left is a pin set from the Flesh&Blood series; I forget which event it was sold at. Bottom right is a store preorder exclusive manga paper for the recently-released art book 杉浦志保 (author of SILVER DIAMOND 1巻 | L24?? and 氷の魔物の物語 1 | L25) put out last year. I think there are one or two more store exclusive preorders I’m missing…


Oh yes I can see that the style is pretty similar! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Some manga/books I picked up in my post JLPT shopping.

That pin set :heart_eyes:


A friend from Romania was in Austria last week and she gave me some stuff she thought would be up my alley. She knows me too well. :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:


whoops went a bit overboard because it was free shipping on suruga-ya :rofl:


Order from Suruga-ya finally came!!

  • 暁のヨナ vol 25-27, 31-33, 35-37
  • また、同じ夢を見ていた
  • 五等分の花嫁 games special editions
  • ぼっち・ざ・ろく - 結束バンド Live Blu-ray!!

Hadn’t realized the AkaYona physical covers would be so beautiful!! The Bocchi Blu-ray came with tour photos + a really cool print of Bocchi playing guitar :slight_smile:

Finally fills a whole bookshelf:

The back of the games & Blu-ray

As an aside, I wasn’t thrilled with the way they packed stuff, or that I had to remove a barcode sticker from the front of everything (including all the non-shrink wrapped ones). Thankfully they all came off totally cleanly :slight_smile:


Any particular reason for the gaps in the numbers?

They didn’t have the other volumes in stock


Also I started from 25, bc the AkaYona book club I’m part of is on that vol rn. We read aloud every Sunday :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why you deleted your post, but I am very curious about those two books in the middle (especially the one at the bottom; I love the news saying that someone “borrowed” someone’s wife and isn’t giving her back [I assume it happened with the consent of said wife, otherwise I like it a lot less])


Haha, I realized how that particular collection looked and decided it might give the wrong impression of me if people came across it in isolation. :sweat_smile:

I haven’t read it yet but I assume it’s the chapter titled 「奥さん貸して」「いいよ」事件 大正14年 東京. I just popped it open and read the first ~2 pages and it appears consensual on the part of the wife, but perhaps not the husband? At the very least in the opening the author is casting suspicious that she and the friend had an arrangement I’m tempted to read on because it’s so oddly easy to read (probably pulp history, haha) but I need to catch up on my bookclubs :see_no_evil: That said, by chapter titles alone this book is gonna be a doozy

edit: ok I finished the chapter (in my defense, the chapters are short) and the newspapers never followed up on what happened and it has been supposed that she just ran off with the dude. Her husband apparently went to the police to report stolen goods (literally. 横領罪で訴えたい) so good riddance.


That’s fair. I have been trying to tone down the stuff I am posting as well. I can see the manga one leading to some misunderstandings :joy:. I am extremely curious about it, now, though.

:joy: Can’t say I’m sad for him.


I am so confused. Did cat post a picture of books? I have no idea what you 2 are talking about. :face_holding_back_tears:


Haha, my shame is visible for something like 24 hours for those who know how to find it but I’ll just send it to you :joy:


My small book haul that arrived today:

The manga on the right was a random manga I saw when on Amazon Japan months ago and decided to add it to my list, the book on the left is one I liked the idea of but no idea how it reads.
They both have very interesting covers under the dust jackets.

The manga has more manga panels front and back:

And the book has a very nice repeating pattern of cats in orange and blue:

I’m still waiting on more but hoping they all arrive by end of January as delivery delays are getting pretty bad now. They used to arrive within a week or two, now they are taking 2-3 months sometimes to arrive.


I liked it and it’s def. easier than stuff like 本好き :blush: vibes to me were similar to . Don’t know if you’ve read that one.


I haven’t yet read また、同じ夢を見ていた but I do have it on the book shelf. :slightly_smiling_face: