Preferred manga chapter length

I’m curious what chapter lengths for manga everyone prefers. Obviously it can depend on the difficulty of the manga and the density of text on the pages, but just asking for general preference.

  • 1-5 pages
  • 6-10 pages
  • 11-15 pages
  • 16-20 pages
  • 21-30 pages
  • 31-40 pages
  • 41-50 pages
  • 51+ pages
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Personally, I like 8-10 pages for 4-koma and anywhere from high 10s to high 20s for standard manga. Some manga I read tend to average around 24-28 pages which is great. Some even as high as 30-32 pages are okay, but once it gets beyond that I find it can be hard to finish the chapter in one sitting (particularly if it’s text heavy or requires lookups).


I’ve never paid attention to the page length and I don’t think I care as long as it isn’t ridiculously short or long.


I haven’t really noticed but I like to have 4-6 chapters in a volume, so that should put me in the range of 10-30 pages. :thinking: I don’t read 4-koma but since those are mostly about comedy (correct me if I am wrong) fewer pages are probably better, so a topic doesn’t get milked to infinity. :thinking:


Yeah, 4-koma are mostly comedy. They are also much more dense on average than a standard manga, so the shorter length is important for that reason as well. Every once in a while there will be a much longer chapter (e.g. double length; 16 pages), sometimes for story-critical chapters, but I don’t see that very often.

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