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I would really like it if there was an “on hold” category to add books to. Instead of the only other option to be adding them to the stopped section. Stopped books are ones I didn’t like enough to come back to, but books on hold would be one’s I actually plan to come back to later, but maybe need a break from them for now. That’s a small detail I think, but for some reason it really makes a difference to my mindset. Every time I add something to “stopped” I just feel like I failed. :sweat_smile: Maybe I’m just weird and no one else wants this.

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I agree. I don’t like my “in progress” list being cluttered by stuff I’ve paused. Granted, I don’t need this much on Natively compared to AniList (since I rarely hold volumes but often hold series), but I would still like it for occasional use.


Agreed! Not only to distinguish books you plan to continue from those you don’t, but also so you don’t have to block gradings. I’ve got several books hanging around on my reading list that I’m not currently reading, but if I move them to stopped, I have to block their gradings individually (and I don’t want to grade books I plan to finish until I’ve actually read them). :melting_face:

ETA: I moved a book to stopped, blocked gradings because I planned to finish it later, and when I did eventually finish it I wasn’t able to grade it so I thought it was a bug. It just makes things needlessly complicated. :cry:


You probably figured this out already, but in case not: If you go to Profile > Gradings > Blocked, you can unblock them

I agree it would be nice to not have to manually remember them. I’m glad you mentioned btw, cuz I just noticed a few I need to unblock


I knew how to unblock, but I had forgotten that they were blocked in the first place because I had moved the book to stopped weeks or months before. :sweat_smile:


idk if/how often I’d use it myself (knowing me, I’d evaluate something as belonging on “On Hold,” move it, and then the very next day pick it back up and possibly even finish it), but agreed that “Reading” is a bit strong for books that aren’t in semi-/active rotation and “Stopped” is a bit strong for books you still intend to finish. It may not be “Dropped,” but it still feels like it.


At first I thought this was a good idea, but then… If you’re going to leave a book for so long that you’re not really even “reading” it right now (but you still want to read it one day, at some point down the road) wouldn’t it be better to move the book back to “owned”? To me, everything in my “owned” category are books that are essentially “on hold” until I decide to read them, after all. Maybe I’m missing something.


This would only be for books that you’d already started reading.
You can have a backlog of a ton of books you haven’t started. I don’t want my book that I’m 100 pages into, but want to put aside for a few months until I’m a bit better at reading, to be lumped in with those.

I also don’t personally add things to the “owned” category unless it’s a physical copy. So most of what I read isn’t under my “owned” books since they’re digital.


Perhaps if you’ve only read a few pages, but if you’ve read a significant amount you probably don’t want to remove the information like pages read and time spent from your stats, and it’s helpful to be able to see which books you’re partway through and may want to continue rather than essentially classing them as unread.


The only time I could see myself move something from Reading to Owned is if I knew I was gonna restart it from the beginning when I picked it up again. To me, Owned is “books I own and haven’t started reading yet”


Stopped for me implies that stopping is its final state: I don’t want to read it anymore. That’s not true for most of the books I’ve started and I’m currently not reading.

Also echoing @bibliothecary that I don’t like grading books that I intend to return to.


Interesting. There were a few reasons I didn’t think that would apply:

1-I didn’t know people use “owned” to differentiate books they have physically vs digitally. I only read physical so it’s all the same, but I think I would put digital books in there too.
2- I would have figured that if you leave a book for several months (or longer), you would want to start at the beginning again anyway when you come back (especially if it was too difficult the first time).
3-Even if you didn’t start again at the beginning, I figured you could just update your progress again once you do.

Clearly, as I’ve just found out, everyone uses tracking here differently, so more options is probably never a bad thing :grin: :grin:


To me:

  • On Hold: Paused, intending to read in the near/foreseeable future, once I finish other stuff
  • Owned: Purchased, not on my radar rn, but could theoretically read some point, want to remember it exists
  • Stopped (ideally): Dropped and not planning to read in the foreseeable future

I have 47 books in Stopped, and 174 in Owned (111 if I collapse series). Of the ones in stopped, maybe 10 would get moved to Paused rn. So it would be easier to have them separate. Edit: Also I have some stuff that I read via Kindle Unlimited… so while I can stop/pause it, I don’t necessarily “own” it… tho I’m not consistent about that anyway.

We could just use tags/make a private list for this, worst case.


You’ve underestimated how stubborn some people are.
I put down The Magic Thief at chapter 13 like a year ago. I spent like 6 months to get there before. I’ll die before I start from scratch. :rofl:


I definitely wouldn’t differentiate like that either

I have no patience for redundant info, so only if I’d really forgotten things, or it was a really small amount.

In any case, yeah it’s interesting how these things are just a bit different for everyone


I definitely would like to set things to On hold / Paused… I was just thinking about this the other day for shows! I canceled my Netflix sub recently and I was wishing I could set the shows I was watching to Paused instead of Stopped

If I’m going to restart the book/movie/show, I’ll set it to Owned. If I want to continue where I left off, I want to be able to mark it as Paused (and not be able to grade it). If I’m not going to continue, then I’d like to set it to Stopped.


I think this was suggested before but was mentioned that it would be just Stopped at the moment.

But I do agree I’d appreciate a On Hold. Stopped feels more like dropped and I won’t look at it, while something I put On Hold I have expectations to restart it at some point.

Right now I have a mixed bag of Stopped things and doesn’t really feel right. I guess you could fix it with custom tags, but it would be more straightforward to just have the additional status, and doesn’t sound too hard to implement.


@暁のルナ @obscureniche My account is a baby compared to all of you guys, so who knows, maybe one day I’ll also run into things I want to pause but not restart. Though I may be too stubborn to even stop tbh >.<


I used to have a free text in internal memos that detailed the Owned status the source of the book itself. Whether it’s physical or digital and which store. Now I’m using custom personal tags for this, which is a blessing for searchability and filtering.


Mm, ADHD has me constantly swapping what I’m reading… but if I leave too many things up, I get choice paralysis, so I clear them off. (I have sometimes left books up for months though). Otherwise I usually have a good memory for things I read, so there’s no point restarting.

Sounds useful… I might want to consider that!