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Yeah, I wrote it several days ago. Phew!

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Maybe over on the right hand side? That’s just off the top of my head, so I don’t know if it would be better.

Or at the bottom.

A confirmation would certainly be needed in either case of course.

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Ok it should be there now, although it looks like it was created right now… that was easiest.

That was harder than I expected, but always good to always run through that process of backup recovery :slight_smile:

You know, perhaps you’re right, but it is less accessible (for instance, from your library).

My gut is to leave it right now, but definitely food for thought.


Thanks! :heart:

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So this raises a bigger question… what does “delete” even mean here? Does it delete the review text only or the whole rating and review combination? If it deletes everything, it seems to me like you should get rid of the delete button entirely. For the review text, you can already just delete the contents of the text box. For the rating stars, you could add something next to the stars for resetting that, or simply make clicking the already selected star remove it. Then the user has to click Save like usual to save the changes.


You’re right, it’s a little confusing. Right now in the database I only store a ‘review’… even though I treat ‘rating’ & ‘review’ as distinct things in the UI.

I do want to allow deletion of ratings and right now that is via that delete button. I agree, the written review deletion might not be necessary and removing that button probably would be the most intuitive. I’m not sure i know a great way to squeeze a delete button next to your rating, but regardless, probably won’t implement that right now… other priorities.

Feel free to log a product request if you’re inspired, it is a good shout. But yeah, I think I will just leave the delete button with a confirm popup for now.


Sorry if you’re already aware of this, @brandon; it seems like updating a book’s status from the book’s page doesn’t update the activity feed? At least, moving from Owned to Finished didn’t for me.

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there seems to be quite a lot of bugs around owned creating activities :thinking:

Will mark down, thanks.

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By the way, I don’t know if you saw my message in the other thread, but (at least) one book disappeared from my library. Adding it back didn’t allow me to grade it (which makes sense), but at the same time there’s no record of me ever grading it (neither on the book page nor in my own grading list).
If my grading had just been erased, I would have assumed that it would just allow me to grade again… but it doesn’t. I wonder if the book is in some sort of weird limbo state.

The book is コーヒーが冷めないうちに | L29 by the way.

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Oh, I think I briefly saw that note and then forgot about it :sweat_smile:

Thanks! Will investigate.

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Btw, does this forum have the same “community wiki” functionality as the WK forums? I.e. a moderator can make a post a community wiki, and then anybody can edit it?

I was thinking of making a “current/planned book club master list” thread where people can add currently running and planned book clubs (from anywhere, WK forums and Discord servers too), and having a nice table in the first post that anybody could edit would be nice.


Looks like it. I tried it on one of my own posts, and I get the “make wiki” option. You need to be a regular to do it yourself, or ask a moderator to do it for you.
A book club master list sounds like a great idea. :slight_smile:


Oh wait, yeah - that’s something that regulars can do, and I’m actually a regular too here! For some reason I thought it’s only mods. Thanks!

Being a regular on the WK forums is just a pipe dream for me, so I never really tried to make wikis myself there.


PRODUCT UPDATE : Added Season Split Requests, Update on Audiovisual

So this is a short update, but it’s been a little while since my last one, so figured I should write one!

Requesting TV Season splits

As I’m sure that many of the people who’ve explored the new audiovisual portion have discovered, TMDB has some pretty strong and unfortunate opinions on how tv series should be split into seasons. Namely, if a series keeps sequential episode ordering across seasons and the publishing company doesn’t specify separate seasons, then they do not split seasons.

Unfortunately, that’s a very frequent occurrence for many anime series and the resulting TMDB season organization is in direct contradiction to most platforms you can watch the series on, which causes a lot of confusion.

As a result, I’ve enabled a process for you to split seasons into multiple seasons! Simply go to the top of the episodes section on a desktop computer and click the ‘+ Request Episode Split’

As you can see, you can specify the episode range for each season, a title and an image if you have one. I also ask that you submit some sort of evidence for your split.

Do note that if I approve the split, then I do my best to update your user items as best I can. So if you’ve marked all the episodes complete, then I will add that season to your library as ‘finished’ with the same date finished as the original season. If you had the season marked ‘in progress’ but all the episodes in season 1 are finished, then I mark that season finished for you…

However, I’m still working on getting the activities sorted out, so your TV watching sessions may not appear on the right season. Hopefully coming soon.

Where are we at with Audiovisual

We now have over 8300 comparisons! However, we’ve definitely started to slow wrt new comparisons and requests for new audiovisual items, so we need to do more outreach and showcase it more (it’s very hidden currently, only really prominently shown in the activity feed).

I think I want to do another 2-3 weeks of work though before any outreach. I want to complete the ‘Upcoming’ tasks I talk about below.

Dark Mode

This is purely a vanity project as I spend a lot of time in the dark (i’m part vampire).
We’ve been discussing this in the dark mode product request, but now I can announce that there’s a secret alpha version if you’re dying to enable dark mode like me. Click dark mode or back to light mode.

Honestly, I probably shouldn’t even share it as its still so broken, but i’m using it and will slowing be improving it in my spare time. You can of course use something like Dark Reader too.

I won’t really be fixing bug complaints and this will be a purely side initiative for now, so use at your own peril. The contrast is still a little wack too, but it’s there if you want it :joy:


It’s still all Audiovisual for the next month or so. There are a few major product items I feel are critical to figure out before moving on :

  • Make sure we get tv episodes & seasons updating with TMDB on a regular basis, important for ongoing series.
  • Figure out how we want to handle ongoing series. How does grading work? Only a few episodes required?
  • Work on TV Stats a bit more, there are still a few unresolved questions on how to calculate tv episodes date finished vs tv sessions vs tv seasons finished / start dates
  • A host of little things - bugs, ui improvements (dashboard in progress), genre filters exclusions

I hope to get all that done in about 2 to 3 weeks, but we’ll see. Lastly, wrt removing the ‘??’ on all the audiovisual items, I think we’re about there. There is a discussion we need to have around how we want to standardize the TV series / Movie / Book rating systems, as they are all completely separate rating systems at this point.

At the very least though, I think I’ll make it so all new additions to the video library go through the normal temporary rating system. Right now, if you’ve finished it and submit it at a level, it skips the temporary system, similar to how the initial ‘Audiovisual seeding’ thread submissions were handled.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, of course respond below!!

Happy Reading & Watching! :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixing tons of sleepy grammar mistakes.


Thank you for the awesome update, brandon! I’m liking the looks of the new TV season splitter!


Thanks for the dark mode!

Shitty meme edit of my mornings



Does the site not model landscape pages well? I noticed のんのんびより (1) | L22 has a stretched image.

I think all the covers are landscape shots, so not forcibly resizing covers to fit the box would be good? I’m not sure what the best way to put it is, but even a smaller image in the right ratio is better than a larger image in a force resized ratio

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The kindle version on Amazon shows the cover correctly. I’ll add @brandon that I’ve seen several titles with poor quality images that are taken from the physical copy Amazon page (probably a literal scan of the physical book in some cases) while the kindle version is perfect.

Can you allow for the cover image to be input via a URL as well? I plan to use AniList as a source for this kind of thing and it would be nice to just give the URLs to the covers instead of downloading them to upload them. Or if we’re just providing links to AniList as a source can we just assume you’ll grab the images from there?

I also don’t know what to do about the season titles. I’m requesting the split for Komi-san now, and since AniList just put a “2” on the second season I’ll probably just keep the default S1 and S2. But a better example would be Attack on Titan or Spy x Family where there are multiple seasons but seasons are also sometimes in multiple parts. I think it’s going to get confusing very quickly.

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Eventually, but probably not right now. Hopefully requesting these splits are a pretty rare thing to do, so not a high priority to build that functionality just for this form. I know it’d be nice though.

We’ll have to see. I think I’ll use AniList as my guiding light.