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heh i guess so! They aren’t stored as true emojis, just text as you can see. I can see though if Discourse has a way to render it, good catch.

whoops! Fixed. I guess I broke that with the recent library update.


Did something go wrong with the Most Recent sorting? A bunch of kid’s books I read a month ago have floated to the nearly-top and a graded reader i finished after Ruridragon has disappeared somewhere into the depths of my list.

Actually the whole thing is out of order now! Sorting by Least Recent doesn’t do anything either, though sorting by difficulty etc seems to still work.

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Thanks for reporting! It should be all fixed now :slight_smile:


Aaaah, @brandon! My personal notes disappeared from my library! :sob: Please tell me they can be restored! (Also, individual books collapsed into series in my Owned section are being sorted descending, when it used to be ascending iirc.)

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I think they now sort within series based on the sorting criteria you have selected, which I welcome! The default is “most recent”, so if you added them in ascending volume order it is sorted correctly. Previously it ignored the sorting order (so you are right that this changed), which personally I found confusing and annoying.


Whoops! Yes that was just a display bug, it should be fixed now. And don’t worry, even if it had been deleted somehow, we got lots of backups… we’d never lose your notes! :slight_smile:

Ahh yes, @seanblue is right. I didn’t even realize I was changing that, but that is a consequence of the update. If people prefer it the other way let me know… but yes I agree that I think it’s more intuitive this way.

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Thank goodness! I’m tracking some stuff I’m reading that way, so all of a sudden losing those notes made me a panic a bit. Thank you!

Ah, I see! No complaints from me, in that case.

You know what, after a night of sleep and re-looking at my library, now I feel kind of iffy about it personally. I like seeing Most Recent for my Reading/Finished piles, but when that sorting is applied to my Owned books, things can get kind of weird in my series. Some series I don’t buy the books in order, so I end up feeling like I have to hunt for which volume I’m actually looking for:

It’s not a super common example, I know. One other nitpick I was thinking about again applies to the Owned section, where, since I’m sorting by Most Recent, I have to scroll farther down to find the lower-numbered volumes in a series, since I added them earlier than the later volumes. “Sort by Least Recent then” you might say, but then my sorting for Reading/Finished looks weird. XD

None of these complaints/observations are blockers by any means, just thought I’d give more feedback. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think I do prefer volumes collected into a series not respecting sort order (in the Owned/Wish List/Custom list sections specifically), since the point then for me isn’t seeing the volumes themselves in a specific, arbitrary sort order, but seeing them in order, top to bottom, as if I were looking at a real bookcase. I’m more fine with seeing Most Recent sorting in Reading/Completed, since that reflects the real-world time of when I actually picked up the book.

Granted, I wouldn’t have any problem having that sort order disregarded in a series in those sections as well, since, you know, bookshelf.

Edit: unrelated to my above post, but another bug I just noticed in my library: looks like my notes are getting cut off after a certain point:


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Apologies for the 10 min outage… doing a number of infrastructure things today :slight_smile:


Just an idea, but something like a trending page for what people are reading this week/month would be really cool!


I added a movie すずめの戸締り, watched in cinema, but it does not appear in the Finished list.

Seems to be in the English Subbed list, but Finished is finished, independent of the subs, I would assume.


Small Product Update

This week i’ve been trying to get the user libraries’ initial load faster, especially with large libraries such as @Naphthalene and @Belerith. This has lead me to upgrade a lot of infrastructure and improve the performance of various things, which is good :slight_smile:

However, I have given up a bit on improving the initial load time of large user libraries with the new lighting fast filter system. So, I’ve done something a bit silly haha. For all users with more than 500 items in their library, they will go back to the old system of smaller initial load, but slower subsequent filters. Everyone with <500 items, will have the lighting fast filters.

Obviously this turned up being a bigger distraction than I intended, but the infrastructure improvements i’ve made are really great, so not a whole week wasted!

Next week will be spent on vacation, but beginning of june I hope to finish up Audiovisual (improve audiovisual stats, get grading working well for ongoing series, bug fixes).


That would be very cool :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying you’d like to have a ‘Finished’ movie with ‘English Subs’? If that’s the case, the current approach is to not allow that. If you’d like more context on that, you can read this exchange in the audiovisual feedback thread, but always happy to hear feedback :slight_smile:

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Well, I removed the movie completely. It doesn’t matter. It will come on TV (or Crunchyroll as they are co-producer) anyway, some time in the future, where I have influence on how to see it.

And above all, seeing with English subs was a “lie”, as I watched it with German subs :wink:

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For those 500+ item users do the initial load the old way but run the new load in the background. Then once it finishes replace the page content and boom you’re done! :smile:

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Haha yeah I know ‘English subs’ isn’t always accurate. I originally developed it wih ‘Non JP subs’ but that was just wordy and even more confusing :joy:

I know. Perhaps I’ll do that. It’d honestly be faster for everyone… we’ll see. Just tired of it at the moment and going on vacation haha

Edit: FWIW I resolved most of the performance issues we were seeing with the old way, so it’s much snappier now.


You can fix the wording by just getting rid of the feature. :wink:

Also, maintaining two versions of the same thing long term sucks. :sweat_smile:

All that sounds great, but I assume you mean May?


I’m glad to be a stresstest just by existing :saluting_face:

お疲れ for the improvements too bad it won’t affect me.


Right, May not June… whoops.



Hi brandon, I checked with someone else and they also have the problem of this show’s thumbnail not showing up. It’s only in the feed, not in my library or the “now watching” tab. I can’t find any other instance of this happening with another show though.

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