Prompt user to rate/review and grade after marking item as finished

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After marking an item ‘finished’, you have to manually go to the item page (if you aren’t on it already) and open the rate/review pop-up, then scroll down to the grade button to do comparisons.

I usually complete all the steps after finishing an item, but the current way to do so seems a bit inefficient and unintuitive, as the user has to search for the different steps themselves rather than the system presenting the options to them. It would be more convenient to complete each action one after another, and would probably result in more users completing these extra steps.

One possibility is to add an extra button which saves your changes then moves you directly to the next step.

(Related: why is one ‘save’ and the other ‘update’, and one has blue buttons and the other one green? Can these be standardised?)

They options could maybe be Cancel (grey) - Save & Close (pale blue) - Save & Rate/Grade (blue) so you’re encouraged to move on to the next step rather than close, but you still have the option.

If you mark something as finished from the dashboard (using ‘+’ or pop-up) or from search/item page using the pop-up menu, perhaps the Basic Info window could automatically open (of course, in some instances this could be bothersome - such as new users adding multiple items they’ve read/watched over the past months/years - so there should probably be a setting to disable the behaviour, too).

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There may be better ways of implementing, but the idea is to make the process quick and convenient for the user while encouraging them to provide more info to help the site.

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I like this. Approved.