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[Updated Request by Brandon]
Implement Public API for third-party app access. Potentially use OAuth for validation, but may opt for simply an api token. Will determine that only after Public API release.

[Original Request was for OAuth]
Authorization through OAuth for third party applications.

Basically I would like to submit my book progress on a reader app. To avoid book activity spam, I’ll implement sessions to group activities together before submission in my application.

Trello link:

Wouldn’t an API be better with a token?

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Yes ultimately an OAuth access token to make requests to the server.

OAuth is just generally more user-friendly than say, an application token the user generates from their profile.

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Thanks for the note! Yes, I think OAuth/third party access would come at the same time as a potential API. While this is not in the product plans currently, it of course would be nice to have in the future and it’s good to get this logged so we can monitor interest.

Approved :slight_smile:


It’d be great to have a Learn Natively API so it’d be possible to pull my reading stats etc. Also, in theory if there was an API, it could be connected to sites like Bunpro and Wanikanki to help create a more cohesive picture of grammar/vocab/kanji learning progress.

This has been addressed in this PR:

Will probably close this one if there are no objections, the other one could be updated to specify API in the PR title.

Opinion @brandon ?


FYI @Yui @Megumin I’ve updated this ticket to be simply about a public api, as that’s the only context I’d implement OAuth in I think and is more general.


I agree. I think there should be one API ticket with API in the title. The OAuth decision is secondary and really only relevant in the API discussion.

I have adjusted the other forum request and trello ticket and will now close this ticket.

Discuss further in Public Natively API.


I’ve transferred the votes over.

There were 2 users that voted on both threads, so it was only 3 that were moved.