Reading Goals 2023 (and some OT musings ;))

I thought it would be interesting to collect everyone’s reading plans/goals/ideas for 2023. :smiling_face:

Another thread recently prompted me to actually count my physical 積読 pile (of shame). Which made me realize it had grown to more than 100 books - and don’t get me started on my digital hoarding. :see_no_evil:

Therefore, my plans for 2023 are as follows:

  • alternate between digital and physical
  • only partake in a bookclub, if I already own the book (this will be hard :face_holding_back_tears:)
  • alternate between Japanese & English audiobooks

At the end of the year, I hope to have gone through a good chunk of my 児童書 since those are fairly easy and quick reads and will complement the ebooks well, which tend to be on the more difficult side.

I am hoping to read at least 25 books from my 積読 piles plus all available 本好き audiobooks. Anything more and I will be very happy. :smiling_face:
(On average, 10k characters a day is doable for me. That’s about 1 hour of reading or about 15 pages. So finishing a book every other week seems realistic and still gives me time to not read or read English if I feel like it. :+1:t2:)


My goals are simple this year.

  • Minimum 5k pages
  • Minimum 4 nonfiction books

I’m planning to possibly start studying another language midyear (while maintaining Japanese) so keeping things reasonable with that in mind.


My goals are even simpler this year.

  • Read :grin:

Seriously, of course I’ll be happy if I clear my current 積読 pile at least, and hopefully read more books than last year, but basically I just want to read, discover more authors I like, and enjoy myself.


My 2023 goals:

  • 24 books (average of 2/month)
  • 10 books that are NOT manga
  • read at least one book in the L34-L40 range (the green levels). For context the hardest book I’ve read is graded as L26??. So this will be difficult

This is a good idea! I won’t be doing this, but I will be limiting myself on how many book clubs I join this year… I have a bad habit of saying I’ll join a club, buying the book, reading along during the first week, and then dropping it :pensive:

What language? Good luck with your studies!


I don’t have any specific goals but I would like to read more light novels. I’ve learning for 3 years and yet only read like 2 and a half :joy:.

off topic a bit

Most likely Swedish. I want a level 1 language which I haven’t already studied to any degree (rules out the romance languages) and which I can easily obtain learning materials for. It also must have good crime fiction, which I’ve been told Swedish does :joy:


My goal is to:

  • finish my 積読 pile (currently standing at 16 books)
  • read more “proper” books (novels, non-fiction) than light novels
    Considering I have 14 light novels in my light novel pile (plus, I plan to read future volume of series I enjoy, such as 本好き, as they come out during the year; ah, I also want to read the rest of the Cop craft series), that would imply ~50 books total? I will probably need to rely on the recommendations of everyone again :joy:

We need to get you into Booktubers :stuck_out_tongue:


That would probably help! Do you have any suggestions?

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Two people talking about various books:
Hon Tame

This woman seems really popular but I don’t seem to overlap with her tastes much (only watched a couple videos though):
Belle Book

I used to watch this guy but I stopped and the only reason I can think why is Youtube just stopped putting him in my feed :person_shrugging: I should watch him again sometime

General but he likes mystery a lot: Masaki

He just likes mystery: Abeshi
I watch him the most but probably the least relevant to you as you are more into other genres so no need for the hyper focus :sweat_smile:


I had to scroll quite a lot through her video list to find something I had read, but we both enjoyed アリス殺し | L29, so I’ll give a closer look to the other stuff she has.

I quickly checked the video list of the others, but couldn’t find anything I know about (well, there are a bunch of videos like “top 3 something novel”, so it’s hard to know what it’s about :sweat_smile:)
I guess I’ll just randomly try a few and see how it goes.


I second ほんタメ. The guy likes nonfiction, mystery and manga for the most part. The woman reads more broadly general fiction, romance, contemporary, experimental, … She has a soft spot for short stories.
Belle reads fairly broadly but maybe a tad on the high-brow side. tbh, half the time I have no idea what she is saying. :see_no_evil: My lack of Japanese is showing. :face_holding_back_tears:


Nice! That sounds like it matches perfectly my goals for this year.


My goals for this year are simple. I’m not really aiming for a number or anything, and I’m obviously not aiming to finish everything on my wishlist (that would be impossible.) I just want to read and have fun. I have forced myself through too many books I didn’t really care for in the beginning because I prioritized easy books over books I actually felt like reading. I think I’m past that stage and can read the majority of the stuff I actually want to read now. Basically, I just want to read good books.


Let’s see; like everyone else, I guess my goals just boil down to “read more” in general. I want to become more comfortable with different styles of writing and author voices so that it lowers the barrier of entry when I’m trying something completely new. I’ve got a soft goal of 30 books I’d like to read this year (novel and light novel), and while I have a ton of manga piled up beside me, waiting, I haven’t really set any specific goals for that. :sweat_smile: I guess I’m kind of hoping I’ll pick one up from the pile every now and then if/when I get too tired to work on a current novel and slowly finish them that way? We’ll see.

I’m hoping to listen to more audiobooks as I read this year; my listening’s not good enough to just listen to something solo, but I’m hoping I can reach that point eventually. Right now my plan is to listen to audiobooks for the books I don’t really want to intensively read (e.g. コンビニ人間 | L29 or ハリー・ポッターと秘密の部屋 | L30).

Ah, I do like this idea. Trying to moderate bookclubs is one more goal of mine this year; the mystery club is, of course, an automatic ‘yes’ (unless the book really just does not look like my thing), but I need to be careful about what I try to commit to over on WK. :sweat_smile:

Good luck with the new language!

You’re doing better than I did. Took me forever to make the jump to a novel, light or otherwise.


A few days late, but my simple goal is 2 books a month. Pretty similar to last year’s total of ~26 books plus dozen or so manga. I often read 3 books a month, but sometimes you need to do something else!

I’d like to get into an LN series, but never seem to read more than 1-2 books! :joy_cat:


same :handshake:t2: well… I am doing good with 本好き so far… :crossed_fingers:t2:


i just want to try to read more consistently. over the last 20 years or so i crashed from 100+ novels per year to basically nothing. last summer was the first time in years that i was able to read consistently and almost daily. it felt very good, and i want to get back to that.

in specifics, i don’t have any goals. i’m enjoying my manga again, and will see where that takes me. i also devoured the Gideon the 9th series (in english), and if i find any recommendations off of that i might pick those up.

if i could manage 1 volume of manga per week that’d already be a success :smiley:


Whoa; was this in Japanese? Or a different language?

that was reading in english mostly, some french and german. i started learning japanese during a time when i could hardly concentrate on a book for 10 minutes, so when i wasn’t reading…