Request: Track Subs vs Audio-Only status per episode

Description of your request or bug report: As came up in the main thread, it would be great to have the option to track “watched with subs” vs “watched audio-only” on a per-episode basis.

Use cases:

  • Sometimes anime episodes or subtitles can’t be consistently sourced
    • Websites like Viki, Netflix, etc, may only have subs for the first few eps
  • Users may decide mid-season to switch for whatever reason
    • The user would then be logging inaccurate information
    • Particularly relevant if user has watched a large percentage of the season already
  • If/when rewatch functionality is implemented, user may want to see their progress from previous watch style
    • e.g. “I watched Demon Slayer with subs before, but this time I could watch it audio-only”
  • Users might be interested in having this data - perhaps available via CSV export - for their own statistical purposes
    • (CSV integration would be a separate product request, I assume)

Trello link:

So I know that the current setup only allows you to grade things with subs with other things you’ve seen with subs, and vice versa. How would this “mixed system” handle things?


Good question… I would envision it as letting you compare both types… I’m not too sure what considerations are involved in keeping the grading system balanced though… So maybe @brandon would have better input on that?


With books, it lets you grade manga against non-manga, though many people consider them largely if not entirely incomparable (myself included), and then it’s up to the user to decide whether they want to grade or skip. I imagine it would just be like that. Possibly with symbols next to them to denote all the ways they’ve been watched (e.g. E for EN/non-target-language subs, A for audio only, S for target-language subs), but I’m not sure that would be necessary.


I do rewatch parts of series sporadically sometimes (usually an arc in SAO or Fate). Overall I generally avoid rewatching things, b/c I know I can’t log it, and I’d rather spend the time on something I can log… plus I’m already watching too much stuff anyway though :sweat_smile:

I have done “Audio Only” rewatches occasionally, but even then, I don’t want to lose the original log, so at best I’d just switch the watch-type or leave a personal note. Anyway, rewatch functionality is a separate discussion (and iirc is on the site’s roadmap anyway)


Another thing that might be nice would be being able to mark some episodes as eng subs and others as target language subs or no subs. I’ve brought it up before, but you could switch subs once you get more confident with a series, or watch certain episodes with other people and thus be forced to use eng subs then.

There would then be the issue of whether we should be allowed to grade in that case, but I feel like 50% or more watched without the eng subtitles to be allowed to grade or something similar would solve that.

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Hmm, that’s a good point about switching from EN to JP.

Wrt watching with a friend, I’d either:

  1. Just watch the episode(s) again in JP
  2. Manual toggle the episode(s), and then set the season status to Finished when I’m done.

I imagine that won’t work for everyone though.

The last time grading came up with videos, the consensus/decision was “percentage is irrelevant, the user can determine whether they can reasonably grade something”. I don’t see a scenario with mixed language subs being any different.