Satori Reader users: how would you grade the content level?

Satori Reader sent me a promo for a pretty significant discount to come back to the service. I subscribed to it years and years ago but didn’t make a lot of progress through the stories since I wasn’t in a big study mode at the time.

For anyone who has both read stories there and on Natively, about what level would you estimate their content is, specifically their more difficult stories? I’m a comfy lvl 25 when I’m reading along with text, and I think I might not get a lot of value out of the service anymore, but wanted to get a second opinion from someone who has used it more recently than I have.

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Not sure whether you mean manga or LNs L25, but I don’t think you’d get much out of it at this point.

(I canceled my subscription in December, bc I was barely using it - so not that recent, but not that long ago either)

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Books at 25, fwiw. My comfy manga level is kinda all over the place depending on genre, text density, and how much I like the story, but probably more like 20-21.

I kinda figured it wouldn’t be worth it anymore, but wanted to get a second opinion.


All their stories have the two first two episodes free. I think the easiest way to check whether it’s worth it for you is to go to their difficulty sorting, pick one of the harder stories and read the free episodes. Do you like them? Do you feel like you’re learning something? Do you want to continue? If yes, maybe pay for it; if no, try another one or decide to give up on it.


I just eyeballed one episode of The Zama 9 murders (cw: true crime) which is listed as one of the harder stories and honestly I don’t even know where to rate it. :sweat_smile: The lowest level books I’ve read recently are L27 and this feels several notches below that. I’m not confident rating in the low 20s but I’d take a stab and say it’s like L24?

The vocabulary is naturally with a heavy lean towards crime, but if someone is like me and came to books from reading the news none of that vocab would be difficult. If the other “harder group” stories are similar in their grammatical complexity I’d assume them all to be low/mid 20s.


Thanks for all the input everyone. I think it sounds like at my level it’s probably a skip.

Which now means that I have saved $45 on Japanese materials, so I get to spend that on something else now, right? :joy:


Think of all the books you can buy! I’m not saying I make financial decisions in this manner, but I’m not saying I don’t either