Set custom timezones per user


I would like to be able to set custom timezones on a per-user basis - it would help for better keeping track of days that I have read, etc! I’m in UTC+10, but my day seems to flip over at, well, I’m not really sure what timezone but it’s not my one.


Trello link:

I think this might be an extension of this already submitted request:

Thoughts @brandon ?

You are right that we should probably merge them… however I do like the clear title of this request. Not sure what’s best. I think we can leave it as if people want this feature separate from resolving the bug, they can vote accordingly.

So, Approved. You could however keep the same trello ticket for both.


Another timzeone related issue I ran into (discussed over here: Product Updates & Casual Natively Discussion - #1449 by Bijak ) is that you can sometimes get blocked from marking an episode as “watched” when it releases because it is not yet the same date as the air date in your time zone and so isn’t yet unlocked


chiming in on this one, it’s a bit confusing to look over my history and see certain progress updates grouped together on the same day. Would be nice to at least have a tooltip with some more detailed date information like the timezone the date is in.

If the timestamps are being created within the database itself, I imagine this is just a matter of converting/rendering them based on the user’s timezone. I haven’t poked around the page itself much but it seems the site uses React on the frontend, so it could be possible to render the time on the client without even needing a timezone setting (though the option would still be nice).

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That’s a good thought, but unfortunately stats are impacted. For example, if a reading session occurred on Dec 31st or Jan 1st, it impacts your reading stats. Since I calculate all the reading stats on the backend, I need to know your preferred timezone.

I really should get around to this ticket at some point :smiling_face_with_tear:


ahh, that’s a good point, I guess it would cause problems there. If it’s not too hard, a tooltip/hover with the timezone from the client would be a nice short term solution, but I get that this is pretty low-priority all things considered.

Also out of curiosity, what is the timezone being used?

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East Coast of the US. I live in Korea so I also feel this issue acutely :sweat_smile: