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I’m still constantly getting spammed to accept cookies, recently several times a week. There have been problems from the beginning and they continue to occur. This happens on Natively itself as well as the forums, on desktop and on mobile. Please switch to a less buggy cookie manager.

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Ah yes, please.

I think it was a side effect of my setup but I was getting really annoyed about it.


Oh wow, I had no idea it was that frequent. I must say i’m a bit confused how that could be happening (it doesn’t happen to me and you’d think its just basic cookie tracking). You or @Megumin don’t encounter these issues with other sites?

If so, you’re right this cookie manager has been a piece of trash in a lot of other ways and warrants removing. If its impacting you that much however (multiple times a week), I would up the priority.

I’ve never had this happen on another site. Are you making changes that update your cookie policy / tracking to warrant it asking for permission again? I use an adblocker, but none of those more complete blockers that tend to cause havoc.

It pops up for me frequently too, as another data point. Using Chrome on both my laptop and on my phone, happens in both places. I don’t see it happening in other places I frequent excepting one news site I visit (local news).


No. Alright, i’ll push it up in priority then, will try to get it out very soon.

Edit: I’ll probably switch to that other cookie manager we talked about before, but i’ll look around a bit.


Preferably one that has a one button to reject non essential cookies please. The cookie managers that make you loose 2-3 minutes in a sea of buttons to disable them are also quite annoying.


Of course. Actually GDPR requires a ‘decline’ button like you are describing :slight_smile:

I got prompted again this morning on both mobile and desktop. Since it happened on both, I don’t think it’s random, but I still have no idea what triggers it.

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Got prompted again today, both on mobile and on desktop.


Same here. Maybe they are reset every time the server restarts or something like that?

Can’t be a coincidence that (presumably) everyone are getting the prompts at the same time.


For what it’s worth, I didn’t get prompted today. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever had to re-enter my cookie preference…

Update 2 days later: I just got the popup now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@seanblue and others… are there any cookie managers you guys like?

I must admit, finding a new cookie manager that is GDPR compliant and that auto blocks your scripts (in a configurable way) is perhaps my least favorite task.

Happy to switch & pay for a better one (lets keep it under $150 a year), but any help wrt to finding one will make this ticket go faster :slight_smile:

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One that comes to mind is the one Nintendo Life uses. Best I recall it seemed pretty clean and I’ve never gotten prompted after the first time.

That one doesn’t have a Decline button.

I want one that has a big ass decline everything that is not essential. Not one that requires, “Customize” and then scroll, and then save my choices.

Granted that if it doesn’t appear more than once in a year it’s fine, but I’m sceptical.

This is exactly one of the things that annoy me in a Cookie Manager, from the oneTrust landing page, that seems to be the one used by Nintendo Life, when I see “Maximize Opt-ins” I read “Annoy the user enough so they click on the Accept one and move on”:


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After a Google search I came across Termly but that’s the one Natively uses?

Then maybe it’s a problem with the implementation? Because that one I’ve tested and it doesn’t reload the page in other sites.


So, from my research it’s cookiepro (now owned by one trust), termly & one trust are the major players.

As for implementation, it’s relatively straightforward, but the various options means different websites will have different experience:

I basically do the most aggressive option (GDPR compliance globally). I think it reloads the page on accept to run the scripts? Not sure why it would if you declined all though.

TBH, I may just keep termly for all the cookie / privacy policy stuff but run my own cookie manager. The only two cookies I need to ask permission for are Google Analytics and New Relic. I don’t think I need the whole ‘customizable’ section, just an accept or decline all.

The only complication is if I need to store the consent logs for GDPR, which I think I do? :thinking: Is there anything else?

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The popup I get on termly.io doesn’t reload the page. Are they running a non-compliant one just to sell it as not annoying to me :rofl:?

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Isn’t there any cookie manager that can check that my browser doesn’t want anything that it’s not necessary and auto declines?

From what I read the help documentation page, it should be doing that in this mode, but I get the nag in a lot of pages. Some others work as intended and don’t show the nag.

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So, when I go to natively and hit decline, it does not reload. When I hit accept, it does reload. This makes sense as it needs to load the tracking scripts. Is it different for you?

Termly has the same behavior when you VPN into belgium, they just don’t do ‘opt in’ globally.

On Natively? Is it different between the forums and the main site?

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