Tags, Tags, Tags [Official Management]

flashbacks to Sailor Moon and Pokemon 4kidz dubs…


I wouldn’t worry about this now. The books themselves will be treated as wholly separate as they are different words. And heck, some translations are very different. :slight_smile:

I think this makes sense too! The default is to show a tag to all languages, but you can mark a tag as ‘available’ only certain languages. In this case, having Yuri & BL for Korean & Japanese only makes sense to me. :slight_smile:

If it does become a problem later on, then maybe we can discuss it again.


Just use “Not Relevant” when you can. Eventually I’ll go through and remove all 0% tags.

Hmm, I can’t seem to replicate. Is it still occurring?

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Would publishing companies be a useful tag? If the publisher isn’t visible on the cover, I’ve often had trouble finding the manga irl in BOOKOFF and the like. For example, I couldn’t find Hanamonogatari, which I didn’t know at the time I was looking for it was seinen, but it would’ve been a lot easier to find and having the publisher would’ve been the cherry on top of figuring out exactly where to look.

This info can also be found on Amazon, but trying to get Amazon to load, especially in the deadzones that BOOKOFFs often seem to be. Natively loads much faster comparatively.


This sounds like information best displayed at the top of the book’s page, along with page count and ISBN, I think.


Plus, you don’t want to leave it to people manually adding that info or voting on it. What does “minor element Afternoon KC” even mean. Plus, on mobile, tags are all the way down, right? That would be really inconvenient to look things up.


Yeah, at least on the specific book I’ve been trying. SILVER DIAMOND 1巻 | L24??, trying to remove the Drama and Mystery tags.


I do think that would be useful information to have since, for example, BookWalker runs frequent sales based on the publisher and some bookstores are sorted by publisher.

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I’ve noticed that tags don’t show up if you start partway through the phrase: I was looking for “primarily child cast”, which doesn’t appear if you just type “child” or “child cast”, you have to start with “primarily”. :slightly_frowning_face:


Does that tag have a summary/description? It seems having the keywords in the description helps searching

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This is what the “primarily x cast” tags look like:

It used to be that you could start with the middle word and it would bring it up—after accidentally selecting “primarily female cast” instead of “primarily male cast” before you could delete tags, I’ve always just typed “[middle word] c” to bring just the one I need up—but ever since genre + content tag search got merged, that’s no longer possible. Unless the middle word is in the description too, you need to start with the first word now.


But if that’s the case, why have two separate “tag” containers (genre vs. content)? If I don’t know where a tag should go, how can I make sure to assign it correctly? :thinking:

Generate the series tags from the book tags? You can even calculate the percentage based on how many books a given tag was attached to. (And it really doesn’t make sense to have a tag on a series that is on none of the books in the series, does it?)

Small bug report / feature request: The tag filter should search the full text, not just from the start. (This was already reported above by bibliothecary and enbyboiwonder - is this work in progress?). I searched for “Violence” but the appropriate tag “Graphic Violence” did not come up, and I would never have guessed it :sweat_smile:

And a question for y’all: Regarding Adult Content, in my mind this would require some kind of explicitness, but what do you all think? E.g. I’m currently reading a book with a sex scene which basically goes like “And then they had sex.” Oh and I think there was one brief reference to “his movements” or so. But that was it with regard to the description of the act in and of itself. For me that would not qualify as Adult Content, but just checking back here to make sure I’m on the same page as everybody else.
(If you’re in doubt, I’m happy to post the page in question here or in a more appropriate place.)


You could. The issue is purely a management one. If you don’t allow series tags then you have to manage all tags at the book level, which would be very redundant. Idk, seems pretty untenable :thinking:

Oh shoot, good catch! I do need to fix that.

Yeah this is pretty uncertain at this point. IMO, I think that something should only be ‘adult content’ if there’s pornographic intent. Obviously, pornographic intent is somewhat wishy-washy definition, but I think that’s different than ‘adult content’ simply referring to adult themes… which would include stuff like rape / violence / drugs… etc.

Some illustrative examples to showcase my opinion…

  • Game Of Thrones = Adult Content (minor element). Lots of sex to the point of somewhat pornagraphic, but not the main plot of the story at all
  • Requiem for a Dream = Not Adult Content. Lots of nudity & drugs, but incredibly depressing and not pornographic
  • Ecchi content = Adult Content (moderate?). Not much experience here, but the lack of nudity and sex doesn’t necessarily remove some pornographic intention and clear pandering.

In general, ‘Adult Content’ which people want to filter out should be around pornography and that’s how most site seem to treat it I think. Perhaps that’s a very American perspective, would be interested in others thoughts.

I definitely disagree with this one. And by definition it’s probably incorrect since most anime/manga with ecchi content is still targeted at teens.

I do agree with this though. Of course, I’d rather just not allow pornography on the site, but I guess if you’re going to allow it I’d want to filter it out.

Is it, though? :thinking: In my imagination the series tags would only apply to the very general overarching contents of the series, while individual books could still have their individual topics that should be tagged individually. I don’t see that there would be that much redundancy in the end. (But then again, maybe I’m just not creative enough with applying tags…)

As a second thought, you could allow series tags and still generate the tags that are displayed at the series level (from the series tags and the individual volume tags combined). That would automatically squash duplicates.

OK that matches my expectation. But still interested in others’ thoughts as well :blush:

I think perhaps you’re focused too much on novels. For LNs and especially manga, many tags apply to the whole series. I actually can’t think of any manga where I’d add a tag that applies to only a single volume.


I don’t think it’s something that would happen that often for me either, but off the top of my head, I can think of at least two manga series where I’d add “bullying” only to one volume.

I agree though; most manga series probably have a lot of “series” themes and only a bit of “volume-specific” themes.


I think part of the problem is that manga volumes tend to blur together. So even when there’s some thematic shift in a series, do I really want to add a tag to one or a few volumes out of a dozen? Not really. I’ll either not bother at all or I’ll add it to the series as a minor element.


I would say so. I think it should also be adult content, if you can actually see somebody being killed by pulling his rib cage out of his body and splattering the scene with seas of blood.


I was wondering about that as well :rofl: I was actually looking for something like “Sexually Explicit” before I found the “Adult Content” tag. But it’s probably very American to not mention the S-word explicitly :sweat_smile:
There is also “Graphic Violence” which would match your scene as well.