Tags, Tags, Tags [Official Management]

That’s part of what prompted my question to be honest.

I bought this book 参拝したくなる! 日本の神様と神社の教科書 | L30?? and went to tag it and thought nothing really fit well.

I’ve also been reading a page a day of this one 季節を愉しむ366日 | L30?? and don’t feel like there’s good tags for it either.


Those are a separate book type here (or two, if you consider graded readers to be a study aid) :thinking:

For info, the genre we currently have (but are not “approved”, not sure what that does):
Political & Social Science


Ah, I didn’t think to search music. Also, you typed faster than I searched lol.

I thinking lumping humanities together does it a disservice to the point of it not being particularly useful as a genre.

As for study aids, I was kinda thinking of books in the same section as this one マンガでわかる中学国語 古典 (COMIC×STUDY) | L24?? because I’m often checking out the study aid section to see if there are books about various topics aimed at younger readers and therefore have less complex grammar and vocab. Graded readers might fit, but I think spark notes are probably the better English equivalent.


I read this one:

That makes sense.
We have an internal “in progress” list of potential genre to have if we go that way. I’ll just add those that are missing in there. (It might not do anything in the end, but it’s better than just getting lost)
Edit: that was harder than expected since some proposed genre have overlaps with those :sweat_smile:


Thank you!! I appreciate it.

Also adding that to my tbr pile! I’ve heard the meaning of the poems isn’t well understood by the typical Japanese adult, so it’d be cool to learn! I’m pretty sure I have a deck… I know I have at least one JoJo deck with JoJo lines lol

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Did all the proposed ones get rejected? I’m not seeing them appear when I try to add the genre on a new book.

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The last conversation among tag moderators was that @brandon is going to make the curated list (to which I also added stuff from your list that were missing) the official list. That was 12 days ago and there’s been no other activity in there :person_shrugging:.
Still limbo, I guess.

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I see. I really hope he doesn’t elect to ignore the books that make up about half or more of most public libraries…


Can “BL” be added to the description of the Boys’ Love tag and “GL” to the description of the Yuri one? I keep wanting to search for “BL” and “GL” but they turn up nothing, and then I gotta try and remember what they’re actually called on here, which sometimes takes a couple tries.

(Or maybe it was a couple seconds, not a couple tries. It was yesterday that I was doing tagging; all I remember is it took me longer to find them than it needed to.)

Update: Yuri does include “GL” in the description, I just wasn’t expecting to have to scroll to the bottom for it to appear since “GL” is in there exactly rather than part of a longer word.

Also, can partial matching with tags be a thing again? It used to be that searching “adult” would bring up “Primarily Adult Cast,” but now it doesn’t, simply because “adult” isn’t at the beginning of the tag and isn’t in the description either. (Bad example since it is the first of the “Primarily…” tags, but it holds for other ones.) (Or maybe that’s not actually called “partial matching” but idk what else to call it when it doesn’t have to start from the very beginning of the text.)


so far works only if you type the beginning of what you want to match it with, so e.g. “primarily” will find anything starting with that word.

I know that, but I used to have a sort of system worked out where I could bring up the “Primarily Male/Female Cast” ones w/o having to see the Harem ones or having to scroll to the bottom of all the “Primarily…” ones (I’m usually on mobile) or type half the tag. It’s more streamlined with partial matching enabled

Incidentally what is BL called on here?

Boys’ Love. Which definitely makes you think BL would be in the description under the “also called” bit since it’s an abbreviation of that, right? But it’s not


For me it’s the first in the list, if I type “prima”.

But you could use the partial match in tag description, as well. Typing “above” will at least for now only show “Primarily Adult Cast”.

The adult one wasn’t the best example then, I admit. I was gonna do the female one but then I remembered “female” is in the description (although you gotta scroll what feels like forever to find it then) so I did the first other one I could think of, only thinking of the description, which this one I’m p sure doesn’t include “adult,” rather “above high school age”

Okay I triple-checked and it turns out Yuri does include “GL” in the description, I just wasn’t expecting to have to scroll to the bottom for it to appear since “GL” is in there exactly rather than part of a longer word. (original post has been edited)

The BL one still stands though, and that would turn up second since “Achromatic” comes before “Boys’ Love,” although you’d still expect to see it first since that “bl” would be an exact match to the “BL” in the description rather than a partial one to the “black” in the desc of Achromatic. Or at least I would.

Also with partial matching in tag titles rather than just descriptions, Primarily Female Cast would still show up at the top when typing “female” rather than at the bottom since when it’s in the desc it sorts by alphabetical order—it would just be below Female Harem. iirc I used to type “y f” for the female cast and “y m” for the male cast to bring them up quickly.


I added BL as an “alt” in the description. :+1:t2:

partial title matching is something @brandon has to look at.