The 吸血鬼 Appreciation Society 🧛

I do not, sadly. orz I was going through your 吸血鬼 lists in the hopes I’d see something I recognized, but my 吸血鬼 game is too weak to be able to suggest anything good. It’s not a book, but I can at least recommend the PURE BLOOD (series) | L24?? manga; it’s only two volumes, so should be pretty quick. Only downside to that is that I’m pretty sure they’re both physical-only at the moment (I edited the Natively pages to reflect that).

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To be fair, most of the stuff on the list is pretty obscure. Like, I wouldn’t even be surprised if I was the only person ever to read through 吸血鬼の劣等感 | L31 (searching for it on google brings up the Natively page.) Either way, this is why object 2 is great. We get to improve our 吸血鬼 game while also letting our fellow 吸血鬼 enjoyers know which out of the hundreds of weird, obscure books might actually be worth reading. :laughing:


Very true! I’m hoping to expand my 吸血鬼 repertoire starting in the new year so I can some recommendations on what’s good/what to avoid.


Good afternoon, enjoyers of 吸血鬼. I recently remembered that this cool site called was a thing. It’s basically a Japanese 吸血鬼鑑賞 blog/database that reviewed a whole bunch of 吸血鬼 works. It seems like it hasn’t been updated since 2018, but I still think it would be useful to any 吸血鬼 appreciator.

I actually went through 吸血鬼の館††幻想館††[吸血鬼の手帖]: 日本 アーカイブ a while ago when I was first making the 吸血鬼 list, but I didn’t add all the old books without kindle versions. Maybe I should go back sometime and add them just for completion?

Either way, I think I’m definitely going to use the reviews on this site to help me choose my future reads. Considering how relevant the site is to this thread, I think I might as well put it in the OP. I can’t believe I forgot about it!