The audiobook review and recommendation thread 📚 🎧

I’ve never been able to get JP to accept my credit card, sadly.

Ah, thank you; I’ll check that!

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Ahhh I see. In case it helps: the way I managed it was to sign up in-app on Android (I think this works with iPhone too). I don’t think it does extra verification past that, since it’s the App/Play store handling the billing. Probably had to use a VPN initially, idrc that part.

(I did have to add a JP address afterwards tho to get past Kadokawa’s region locking. They’re the only publisher that it’s been an issue for)

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It worked for a couple months for me then they banned me, so do take that into account if someone’s trying it, and also use a non-important amazon account.


Ahh yeah, I definitely did it with a separate Amazon account. Signed up for that with a JP Gmail address iirc. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Sry to hear about them banning you :frowning:

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