The Seeking Recommendations Thread 📚

There’s one that I read a looooong time ago (like, 20 years ago) about a woman getting isekai’d as a guy, complaining to the goddess who did that, said goddess replying “sorry, can’t do anything about it, but I can make you hotter instead” and then she (he?) gets all the girls but likes guys so it’s all silly.
I do not remember the title, also it was a Korean series, not a Japanese one. I would love to read it again someday, though.

Not exactly “stuck as a guy”, kinda the opposite in a way, but ボーイズ・ラン・ザ・ライオット 1 | L24 has a trans guy as main character.

Also, in Gunnm last order, Zechs goes from a female body to a male body (not the main main character, but he is my fav’)

That’s all I have right now.


That first one sounds quite silly… Also かわいそう

Oh wow, I just assumed that wouldn’t exist! Nice to know I was wrong, thx.

That seems like it would require reading Gunnm first?

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It does help a lot, because it introduces the world and some of the characters, but the plots are separate.

Do we have a seeking recommendations thread for shows? If not would someone mind if I asked in here?

asking anyway 😂

I really like host goes to a town somewhere and talks to locals and/or sees what they have to eat/drink/do there. I’ve randomly seen some shows like this on TV at hotels in Japan but never figured out what shows I was watching.

For a show in English, I really love Travel Man. The Amazing Race is kinda in this vein too.

I know of とったび on YouTube that is great and I should watch more of, but I also would love something with longer video times.

Happy to take DMs if I’m mucking up the thread.


I don’t think anyone would mind too much, but since this here is a thread in the Reading category - maybe you could start a “The Seeking Recommendations Thread” thread in the Watching category? Then other watchers have someplace to ask too in the future without worrying.

…and then you could also post the recommendations you got via DMs there, because I also want to know about those shows :stuck_out_tongue:


No DMs to share, but here’s the new thread.


Probably against my better judgement, but… does anyone have recommendations for cheating/NTR manga? I read 今日はカノジョがいないから | L22 the other day, and while I have some critiques, it was emotionally interesting enough that I might be interested to try something else in that vein.


In that genre might only be raunchy stuff. I’m not sure if it fits the theme yet (I’m reading slowly along a friend), but I assume so by reading around what it’s about. There’s also a manga.

On the other hand, I’m not sure what to read next. There’s a bunch of Book clubs starting soon, so I’m not sure I want to start reading anything that requires too much investment.

I might read nonbiri nouka 05 along the audiobook now that I’ve been told the loophole to get audible jp premium.

Not sure what you mean by raunchy, but… while there’s stuff I won’t read, I’m leaving the net open (and generally trust ppl’s judgement here). So folks are welcome to recommend w/e.

I’ve seen that book around, and doesn’t really seem like my thing. Thx tho.

I hear you re: book clubs… I’m trying not to pick up much new stuff, but my “on a whim”/comfort reads tend to be romance, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask

Edit: idk if it’s any good, but one of the (currently) free Kindle books you linked in the promos thread seems to fit:


I read the first volume quite some time ago, when it was temporarily free on amazon, so not sure how the “cheating” gets resolved… but おとなになっても should fit.
Not sure if I should explain more (it technically gets mentioned in the blurb) or if it is better for you to go in blind. I went in blind, having not read anything about the series, and did not regret it. I tend to avoid stories that involve cheating, so I would have never read this had I known about it beforehand.


Turns out I’ve had that on my wishlist for a while :sweat_smile: Fits perfectly, thx!!


It’s not exactly NTR but I enjoyed this

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Same author as 青い花 and 放浪息子 if you didn’t notice. I have two chapters left in the final volume.

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That explains the brief time skipping and short dialogue :joy: that’s probably why it was on my list already, tho… the art style seems a bit different so far, I guess cuz it’s older characters and more of a big(?) city setting?

Might have to add the series to my next Suruga-ya order, if I like the first volume

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I am getting pretty burnt out on that style of hers. After I finish this I’ll probably take another break before finishing 青い花 later this year.

Personally, it’s my least favorite of the three series, in part because it tends to deprioritize the part I’m most interested in (the yuri) in favor of other story elements.

I can definitely understand why. It works well in 青い花, but I’m not sure how I feel about it in the other two. L27 no-furigana is a good language level for me though, so hopefully I’ll enjoy it enough to stick with it.

I’m trying to remember if the anime does the time skips or rearranges things more linearly, but it’s been too long since I watched it.

Interesting, what does it prioritize instead?

Btw the MAL review mentioned another series オクターヴ 1 | L24?? as a mature yuri read. I don’t think it involves cheating, but the premise sounded somewhat interesting. The MC is 18, and the other lead is older apparently (idk how much). Figured I’d mention in case it’s of interest.

Mostly the cheating and how it affects the characters and their families.

Also, there were some deviations into other characters I couldn’t really get invested in. To be clear, I’m not saying it’s a bad series (I wouldn’t read 10 volumes if I didn’t like it). It’s just that her series require a little more effort than the average manga series I read, so I’d like my enjoyment to make up for that extra effort. :joy:

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It’s not a manga, so it might not be what you are looking for, but it’s about cheating AND it’s really good:


Gotcha. I’m probably more interested in that right now anyway… I read enough of the former on the regular anyway. The side characters thing could go either way.

Definitely hear that. I really enjoyed being in both Akira and Fumi’s heads (and many other things) in 青い花, so it was quite worth it. I’m not getting that same enjoyment with 放浪息子 so far (tho I’ve been kinda off lately so that could be why)

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I’m mostly trying to stick to L27 and under rn, and my novels plate is gonna be really full soon, but I see that has an audiobook - so that’s an incentive to try it. Can certainly save higher level recs for later, in any case.

What do you like about it? I couldn’t really get a good sense from the blurb of whether or not I’d be into it, and don’t have the energy to parse Amazon reviews rn

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