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Welcome to week 1 of 今日からマ王! :smiling_imp:

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  • Please mention where you are in the book, ideally by chapter so people reading different versions have a clear point of reference.
  • Feel free to read ahead if it’s exciting, but please refrain from spoiling ahead of the appropriate week.
  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That’s a welcome part of the discussion, and other readers will be happy to help.
  • Even if you don’t read the chapter(s) in time, you are still encouraged to post your thoughts.

Cultural References

Here is a selection of references that appear in this chapter, with brief descriptions and links to further reading.

Japanese English Description
渋谷 Shibuya Yuuri’s family name is also the name of a ward in Tokyo.
ヤンキー Yankee A juvenile delinquent.
伊東勤 Tsutomu Itō A professional baseball player for the Seibu Lions 1982-2003.
松平健 Matsudaira Ken A Japanese actor and musician
水戸黄門 Mito Kōmon A Japanese period drama that aired from 1969 to 2011.
夏目漱石 Natsume Sōseki A Japanese novelist. He appeared on 1000 yen notes during 1984-2004.
和式 Japanese-style toilet Yuuri refers to the Western-style flush toilet as opposed to the Japanese-style squat toilet.
スター・ツアーズ Star Tours A ride at Disney theme parks set in the Star Wars universe.
アルプスの少女ハイジ Heidi A children’s book about a young girl who lives in the Swiss Alps.
学ラン Gakuran A Japanese school uniform with a standing collar.
コスプレ Cosplay A hobby where people dress up as fictional characters.
新潟ロシア村 Niigata Russian Village A theme park that operated from 1993 to 2004.
デンバー・ブロンコス Denver Broncos An American Football team.
トルコ行進曲 Turkish March A style of music in the Classical era, loosely based on the music of Turkish military bands.
一橋大学 Hitotsubashi University A prestigious university located in Tokyo.
フェリス女学院中学校・高等学校 Ferris Girls’ Junior & Senior High School A girls’ school in Yokohama.
フェリス女学院大学 Ferris University A private women’s college in Yokohama.
G-SHOCK G-Shock G-Shock (Gravitational Shock) watches were designed to be exceptionally durable.
JRA JRA The Japanese [Horse] Racing Association.
戦国時代 Sengoku period A tumultous period of Japanese history during the 15th and 16th centuries.
スーパー歌舞伎 Super Kabuki A new take on the traditional artform utilising modern technology.


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…right as I’m still fighting off a mystery bug and December is being December :sweat_smile: 19 pages for the coming week isn’t too bad, though - and if I do end up falling behind, I’ll probably be able to catch up in January at absolute worst.

Everyone else ready to go?


Just finished this week. There were a few references I had to look up (including the Disney attraction):joy:

The place his mother is from is a famous all girls high school.

I hope he accepts sooner rather than later that he got in a different world.


Ok, finally finished chapter 1, whew! I have to say, it’s been trickier to read then expected, it almost feels somehow harder than 本付き for me. Some parts I struggled with for example were when the bullys were talking, and to figure out who was talking when once he got transported to the world and during the fight at the end. I think it doesn’t help that Yuuri doesn’t really understand that this is… well, another world. I feel like his explanation’s just confuse me further, actually :sweat_smile:. I am hoping it will get a bit easier for me to read with time and practice.


I will join once Xmas is over. Too much to read right now with all the advent stuff and other BC still on-going, but the pace of this club is relaxed anyways, so I’ll catch up in no time. :slight_smile: And I look forward to reading everyone’s comments then. :eyes:


It’ll probably be the same for me.


That part was full of banter and sarcasm, so that’s understandable.
I liked that part. The “putting your face in the toilet” part less, though.


I liked how the name-calling seemed so… silly and childish, lol. I was chuckling to myself. But yeah, the toilet part was a bit too much (looking back to when I watched KKK a veeeery long time ago, I kinda remember it, though). But I also really liked the parts where he has the memories of his parents talking to him, explaining the name meaning and the Disney part.


Finished this week’s reading. Poor dude literally got swirlied into another world. Nowadays people usually just get overworked or hit by a truck :rofl:

Same, aside from those, I was confused for a while by G-shock. I’d never heard of that kind of watch.


Just finished up the reading and so much this. I actually went and watched the first half of the first episode on Crunchyroll just to have faces to names and figure out who was saying what. Surprisingly, I found it easier to understand Yuuri’s narration than the dialogues, which never ever happens.

One one thing I found amusing that definitely dated the book was コスチュームプレイ(略してコスプレ)の人. It just made me laugh that he had to explain the word cosplay .

All in all a bit of a bumpy start, but I tend to feel that way when I start most books and usually figure out the prose style and the story after a chapter or two. And there’s always the anime if I get too stuck. :sweat_smile:


sorry I’m a bit late on this!

Interesting start, I agree with you guys about the culturally specific references. This seems like a very 2000s book in a lot of ways, like the humor down to the kind of watch the main character wears. I was pretty proud of myself for understanding the pun with MC’s name, but it’s pretty funny that this book started right off the bat with the kanji jokes which was a little disorienting and hard to follow :sweat_smile:.


I was planning on sitting out on this one (after Honzuki I wasn’t sure if lightnovels were my cup of tea), but decided to read the sample on Amazon on a whim…and oh my goodness the Star Tours part :sob:
I really love Yuuri’s narration style and the humor. I will definitely be reading along.


I just had a realization that the implication of being happy that he was glad that he had ridden Star Tours is that he’s never seen Star Wars, just rode the ride :joy:.


It is made even better by the fact it sounds like him and his dad almost exclusively rode Star Tours, too! :rofl: There was a hot minute where I seriously thought he was about to save himself with this knowledge too. :skull:


I just started reading today. Off to a good start! I love that it’s so full of references, even if I got nearly none of them. ユーリ feels like such a character. :smile:


Finally got around to reading this week! I agree with everyone else that somehow this book was harder to read than technically more difficult books. Something about the writing style is pretty frenetic even from the very first paragraph when his mom went into labor and ended up being the origin story of his name. No ramp-up whatsoever!

Just as a disclaimer, I didn’t know anything about this book other than it being a BL. So with completely fresh eyes, even though I understood what was going on, between the plot, Yuri’s confusion about being isekai’d, his mental dialogue about the 「外人 」characters, and his 「トルコ行進曲」的な言い方, I think I’m going to put this book back on the shelf for now.

He made me chuckle a few times especially before his warp to the “theme park” , but ultimately I find him a little too immature to want to spend hours reading in his voice, I think. :sweat_smile: Also not sure how far this will go but if デンバーブロンコス is his love interest and he’s only 15… that makes me kind of uncomfortable.

I’ll keep reading everyone’s comments in the coming weeks though to decide if I should revisit it later!

Edit: Speaking of outdated references, when the Yankees jacked him of 2000 yen, Soseki is getting replaced in April by this guy: Kitasato Shibasaburō - Wikipedia , so soon even that won’t be the case anymore lol


Honestly, I’m not even sure I know that, so you know more than me. I guess it’s a spoiler, but if you are going to read the threads anyway, there hasn’t been any BL element so far. There are hot guys around, but no sign that anything romantic will ever happen. Considering that he is 15 (nearly 16), I’m glad it is that way too.
I do enjoy the read so far, though!


Alrighty, done with week one myself. Man, this book starts off at 100% and never lets up, it feels like. His mom never takes a breath in the prologue, and 有利 continues that tradition immediately, haha. Gotta say, I’m glad I read some of the manga waaaaay back so I’d have a mental image to match everyone up with; it helped a lot with everything going on. I will say I’m pretty overloaded with all the specific references he’s making; 有利 comes across as extremely geeky, haha.

I was hoping this might be an easier book to start the club off with, considering the other novel is historical fiction, but this just going to the other extreme. :sweat_smile: I’m hoping I’ll have to look up less as we go along; I’ll be a little sad if I have to end up intensively reading this instead of it being a breezy read.


I have finally officially joined this BC and finished chapter 1 just now. It’s been such a long time since I saw the anime, I don’t remember much. I hardly even remembered that he gets sucked in via a toilet :rofl:

The ebook has all the illustrations at the back. I wonder where they go in the original story. :thinking: maybe 1 per chapter? :thinking:


Wow, thanks for letting me know! I completely missed them!
Putting them at the end makes so much more sense than the current standard of having them at the beginning.
They correspond to chapters 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 7, 9, 9? (last one is just a portrait of ユーリ, it could go anywhere honestly).