Week 1 | ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 Ch. 1 鬼隠し編 👹 | Visual Novel Reading Club


Week 1 March 29
Character Count ~14k
Stopping Point Onikakushi Day 1 End
Last Dialogue 俺と魅音はレナの必殺技攻略への決意を新たにするのだった
Unlocked Tips 1 & 2
Next week Week 2
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We’re playing this VN as part of the Visual Novel Reading Club.

This week’s end screen:

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So I’m running it with the 07thMod with voices added and new artwork. I have previously played this long ago in English with the original artwork.

Took me around 70 minutes to get through the chapter.

That opening really hits you differently than in the anime, but it’s still very good to leave you in confusion and expectant of what is about to come.

I don’t think the tips unlocked this week were specially useful story-related, more like a curiosity.


I got a head start and ended up reading through a good bit of the first chapter the other day after setting everything up. Nothing crazy has happened yet, I am at the part where everyone is having lunch in the class room.

Not sure how close to the end of the chapter I am, but I’ll have to find some time over the long weekend here to finish the chapter up.

Same here, I’m using the PS3 artwork and backgrounds with the lip sync enabled, but without the ADV mode and it feels like a nice compromise. I love the original art for what it’s worth, but I’d be lying if I said the PS3 sprites weren’t making the experience more enjoyable.

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Finally found some free time to get back to reading, and wow, I didn’t realize how close I was to finishing chapter 1. Really enjoying the characters and plot setup so far, which has me worried about the metaphorical shoe-drop to come.

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