Week 1 of 📚 本好きの下剋上 / 책벌레의 하극상 🪱

So “what happens to pre-Urano Myne” is pondered on in the series, but later than the material for this book club.

In the part 1 anime Myne’s own thoughts are:

that pre-Urano Myne died of the fever, and reincarnated Urano took over what would otherwise be a corpse. The way it’s portrayed in the opening to the anime and manga both would support this interpretation.

The author’s thoughts in an interview were basically that that’s “too sad” and she likes to think of it that Myne and Urano basically got merged into the Myne we see in the novel. It would also explain some of the more childish aspects of Myne’s personality

Near the end of the anime of part 2 Ferdinand seems to have the opposite opinion to Myne. He sees it as this world’s Myne inheriting the memories from another world. So in his view, it’s really Urano that is gone, not original Myne


I don’t know when was the interview, but the author said on twitter: (edit: well, technically quoted the following and said it was correct)



Urano and Main hold the same soul, Urano reincarnated as Main but due to her past memories came back when she was 5, her memories of her present life were overwritten so that Main doesn’t think of herself as Main but as Urano.

I mean, it doesn’t really conflict with what is said in the interview, now that I think about it :thinking:


Finished the reading! Enjoyed it. I must say it ended up being quite the love song for Japanese cleanliness & convenience. How do those crazy gaikokujin / wegukin get by! :joy:

Is this how ‘non-Japan’ is viewed in Japan?? :sweat_smile:


About halfway through this week’s reading. I demoted myself to to junior edition even though I read in an app that allows me to do lookups on the fly AND by default I tell the app to turn off furigana unless I do a lookup. I think I also like that my progress goes 2x as fast in the jr book since the story is split over two volumes.

I’m actually really surprised that I’m following along so far. There have been a lot of lookups for me, but the grammar is easy enough. It’s definitely more challenging than the aotori/tsubasa bunko books I’ve been reading lately, but I’m not in over my head.

I’m also reading along to the audiobook like a number of people in the bookclub and oh man when she started with the title/author in that super high voice I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it, lol. I’m actually pretty pleased with the narration though, and I thought her dialog with 修 was quite good.

Pleasant surprises all around :partying_face:

Oof yeah, I read some of the side by sides for the parts I had read already and I wouldn’t be able to get through it in English I don’t think. I guess that’s one of the nice things about reading in a foreign language, you’re happy if you can just follow the plot and don’t have a good sense of tone or style yet. It’s kinda freeing in a way :slight_smile:


What app is this?

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Jidojisho. It’s Android only, and takes a fair bit to set up, but it also reads Mokuro manga files (pre-OCRed manga pages). Between finding that app and Natively my Japanese reading has 50-100x this year over last year. :slight_smile:


It’s been cool rereading so far. I like it as much as the first time around, and am checking against translation. Realized that my expectations for comprehension have gone way up since 2.5 months ago. This time around I’ve been reading first, then rereading with the audio (last time I did audio first). Not sure whether that’s the most optimal method.

Surprised to see how many people find Myne annoying. If anything, I was impressed at how grounded she is about her new reality, and what she needs to do to improve her conditions. The fact that she has an end goal to drive her through everything makes sense. I also get kind of obsessive about my interests, so I guess I find that part of her relatable. Curious to see how people will feel over the next few chapters.

Interesting seeing @Athakaspen and other’s thoughts on the translation. I didn’t think it was so bad, and felt like the relevant emotions came across. But maybe I just filled that stuff in subconsciously, while I was reading.


Oooh, very cool

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I might have missed something, but the only mentions of her being annoying I saw (well, mine included) are about her attitude in the whole book in general, not this specific section.

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Entirely possible that it got blurred together in my head then. Honestly it’s been so hot here lately (and I don’t have A/C :cry: ) that I’m just glad I typed out a coherent reply :stuck_out_tongue:


Aaaand finished this week’s reading. With uhh, 1.5 hours left before the week’s over. But I did it.

To be honest, most of that was me procrastinating on sitting down and getting through it. I did chapter 1 in 3 hours in one sitting, which I had hoped to avoid and don’t plan on repeating next week, but I had put it off until late in the week and got through it.

The slower pace did help really empathise with Myne’s feelings about finding herself in this world compared to her original one.


Tbf, I always thought she was somewhere on the autistic spectrum and don’t forget that she is thrown into a world she doesn’t know, living with people she doesn’t know, into a body that is weak and sick. Everything is strange, she lost everyone and everything she knew - and thus she seeks the only thing she has ever really loved/enjoyed. Getting some control over her life. It made sense to me, but yeah she is hella annoying at the beginning. :sweat_smile:


Depends on the area I have found. Europe (as a whole) often gets an おしゃれ with the idea that everything is nicer, cleaner and prettier than Japan ( :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:) - at least until people have actually been there or met people from there. (There is very little distinguishing between countries.)


cf Paris syndrome - Wikipedia.

Finished last week’s reading. tbf I moved countries this week, so I had a bit of an excuse :slight_smile:

Following up on multiple comments, about (how are we romanizing マイン?), towards the end of chapter 1 definitely was thinking, I get it, everything is dirty, but I think in all honesty she was pretty chill about her situation. I think annoyance with her probably comes more from the laser focus on her complaints than the character herself–at least as far as I’ve read. I wouldn’t want anyone up in my thoughts whenever I’m forced into an uncomfortable situation ( :joy:), but as a work of fiction there are probably better ways to get across how different (and inferior) the new setting is.


Just saw this edit of yours. Each week’s thread will have what should be the official English, Japanese, and Korean versions of the names, at least as far as I can find them:

English Japanese Korean Notes
Myne マイン 마인 Protagonist
Tuuli トゥーリ 투리 Myne’s older sister
Effa エーファ 에파 Myne’s mother
Günter ギュンター 귄터 Myne’s father

So ‘Myne’ in this case! (Though you’ll see some forum members refer to her as ‘Main’, which is the localization used by iirc the anime at least.)


(very minor spoiler) it’s also how it is spelled in universe (spoiler because we do not know that characters exist at this point of the story)
That makes it physically painful for me to write her name any other way.

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Ah, fair enough! If we reach that point in the book, I definitely don’t mind adding it as part of the character table.

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In the manga adaptation, it is part of this book, so people who check it will eventually get there. I don’t remember seeing it directly in the novel :thinking:

(I’m not pushing people to write it that way by the way. Death of the author and all that. Plus, the in universe spelling of some words makes no sense)