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Well, that was a weird section. Basically just a justification for why no rape is going to be happening…? I’m just going to pretend this whole exchange didn’t happen, it doesn’t seem to have added much in the way of exposition or character development. :upside_down_face:


Ah, thank you for reminding me; the illustration for this week is of the scene in question:

p. 209


I caught up :partying_face:

Geoffrey really neds to learn about enthusiastic consent. I really hate the “they’re just pretending they don’t want this” excuse. I get that his actions aren’t as bad for the time period, but I really have trouble not judging stuff like that by modern standards. What the heck Geoffrey. Don’t go around assaulting teenagers. While I’m glad he promised not to do anything, the situation shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

I wonder if Kaito’s slip-up of muttering about この時代 is going to be of significance? Did Geoffrey hear that comment? He didn’t outwardly react, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t catch it.