Week 2 of 📚 本好きの下剋上 / 책벌레의 하극상 🪱

As for the english title, I think it both makes sense in the life-after-death ascension sense, and also the fact that for Myne’s current living conditions, the only way is up really.


Well, I finished it the other day. My main question at the end of the chapter was what experiences did Urano have with religious stuff to make her wary of it? Curious to see if that gets answered later in the book.

It feels a bit boring rereading the portions I’ve already read (and listened to), so I’m looking forward to a week or two from now, when it will be back to new stuff again. It did get a bit more interesting once she finally got out of the house

Edit: also the discussion above about the meaning of 下剋上 has been interesting. I’d been wondering at the discrepancy between the dictionary definition and “ascendance”, and I think I get it now


She just meant in the general “people don’t really believe in God(s)” sense. So, if blind faith is expected, it may be hard for her to manage.


Huhhh… That makes more sense. I kinda wonder why I misinterpreted it so much then. Thx for the clarification

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Finally finished this week’s reading :slight_smile:

A few general questions for you all.

  1. How much do we know about Myne’s living situation? It seems like bedridden for most of her life… if she doesn’t have any memories of the city? At least, her questions about the city didn’t raise alarms? I mean, she’s a 5 year old (even if it’s a 3 year old’s body)… she should have some memories of the city by now.

  2. Do we know where the rest of the family sleeps? From her exploration it just seems like there’s 3 rooms in the house - a storeroom, a kitchen and her bedroom?

I’m glad her being sick in bed didn’t last many chapters, can’t say that would’ve been terribly entertaining. Happy to be exploring!


Question 2 - they all sleep in the same room.

I’m a bit less clear on the answer to question 1.


I think it will be more obvious as you progress.

She’s quite frequently bed ridden.
There’s also mentions that she hasn’t put much interest in anything “not fun” before, so the questions around the city might not have raised any alarms.


If you remove the second half of your first sentence, there won’t be any spoilers in there :wink:


I’ll do a edit then!

It’s hard to tell having read the whole thing what has been said and what has been not, so I just out of prudence tag everything as something that has not been mentioned.


Just caught up to last week’s reading last night. I’m on my quest to finish this week’s reading to start next week with the club. Life should stop getting in the way of my light novel reading :slightly_smiling_face:

The one think I NEEDED to comment on from last week’s discussion was:

oh… oh no… absolutely not no. no no no no no. :sweat_smile: