Week 3 | ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 Ch. 1 鬼隠し編 👹 | Visual Novel Reading Club


Week 3 April 12, 2024 - April 18, 2024
Character Count ~14k
Stopping Point Onikakushi Day 3 End
Last Dialogue 脱いだ上着にくるんで隠した写真週刊誌が、今はとても後ろめたかった。
Unlocked Tips 5 & 6
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We’re playing this VN as part of the Visual Novel Reading Club.

This week’s end screen:

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Finished this week’s portion. Took about 35 minutes.

Mostly was a card game after school activities.
So aside from understanding what was happening in the game, the real important thing happened afterwards with some more mystery additions/revelations.

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Exams finally wrapped up last week so I’ve been finding the time to catch up on things;

Finished up both the end of Chapter 2 hints and all of chapter 3 last night. The game scene was fun to read through, though the scene near end of chapter was definitely the highlight. The framing around the incident has a really great hook.
First time reading higurashi, so I’ll attempt some light theory crafting:

So far it sounds like the murder at the dam is strongly correlated to the villager’s “fight” to push back on it’s construction, which would sort of explain why so far everybody has been denying so hard. I can also see the way Mion + Lena acting being a fakeout and explained away as “we didn’t want to scare off the new villager with the gory details of a lynching”.

If I read the news article right (it was quite difficult), it mentioned one of the construction workers who was identified as a part of the murder still being at large, and the now multiple chapter focus on the kenta-kun is making me wonder if those are somehow related.

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