Week 4 of マルコと銀河竜 ✨🐉

Week 4 October 14 2023
Character count 14699 characters
Stopping point CG image percentage 63%
Stopping point description Ruri character screen (2nd time this week)
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I actually enjoyed this week a lot more than the previous ones!

Story notes

I think it’s mainly because there were more moments that were actually serious. I think that might actually be the first time since the VN started? Like:

  • Arco told the story of how she felt before meeting Marco (you know, how okay she was, crying in her sleep).
  • Marco chickening out when meeting her (potential?) mother, and then thinking about, buying and starting to build a present for her (potential?) little brother.
  • Haqua repeating the sentences she learned in the coffee shop again, seemingly interested in being part of this society. Remembering the bullying (and this time it doesn’t seem like it’s made a laughing matter). And meeting the changed El again.

They actually start to feel like actual people to me? You know, with actual worries? I like it.

On a lighter note, that whole “Unicorn” thing got a good chuckle out of me.

And I’m a bit confused by Dosgoro, giving Marco the photo, but then making clear at every single step afterwards that he doesn’t want her to leave. What a tsundere.

I’m not sure how to feel about The Love somehow “attacking” the planet at the same time as Astaroth (and seemingly sidetracking that big storyline), but I like them as opponents.

Relatedly, I’m halfway sure at this point that cafeteria/supermarket lady is a love mutant. The woman at the cafe seems pretty likely to be Marco’s sister, considering that she has a photograph and memory of her. Meanwhile, cafeteria lady fits the bill of being Marco’s mother visually, but she doesn’t seem related to the woman at the cafe - it seems odd that they wouldn’t be working together, and she only mentioned having a little son.

At least we can be 100% sure that Tera isn’t a love mutant! :laughing:

I also have one question

What’s the でも doing at the end of the sentence?


I’m not sure. I thought it might be ‘even if’ or ‘however’ but neither seem to work by the rules in bunpro.

I’m just happy I was given 非常 to learn in Wanikani yesterday, which I’d already picked up from 非常食.