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I keep pressing “yes” and then not reading… I have the best of intentions, though… :melting_face:


I believe in you. :muscle: Depending on how far you are already, things have started to happen for the last few weeks!


Immediately “Vincent” is beset by questions about this strange japonés boy: he knows multiple European languages taught through the foreign language teachings of Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers, and Japón is apparently full of English- and Frenchmen, to Vicente’s extreme consternation.

Makes you wonder what’s going through Kaito’s mind right about now. Imagine you’re in the 21st century (difficult, I know) and talking to some strange man who’s horrified that Japan is host to the English in this day and age. :stuck_out_tongue: And then asks if the ship you came over on was attacked by English pirates. Good thing Kaito’s pretty out of it for this part of the conversation, I guess.

Kaito mentions a little later on that Vicente’s face looks like a Spaniard’s. …Is that a thing? I was under the impression that Spanish people, whether of the 16th or 21st century, weren’t physically identifiably unique in any way. Is that wrong?

…Aaand Vicente flies into a rage and chokes Kaito out. Not the best way to part, my friend. And just like that, Vicente comes to the solid conclusion that Kaito’s talk of time travel is nonsense, while his mystical Easter future-telling magic must be the real deal. And due to said powers, Kaito must’ve been caught up in a scheme in Elizabeth’s palace, leading to his kidnapping and being dumped in Plymouth. Bravo. :clap:

The sailors talking smack about their お頭 was pretty :ok_hand:. Got a good laugh out of their laughing, haha.


Ah, and here is this week’s illustration, before I forget:

Ch. 3, pg. 93


I fell behind for a couple weeks but now I’m back in the game. :smile: With all the historical stuff, I had nearly forgotten that this is supposed to be BL. But, Vicente reminded me with all his cheek stroking and commenting on Kaito’s appearance. :joy: I don’t think he is going to be the love interest, though? I was thinking about what I’d do if I ended up time traveling like that and came to the conclusion I’d immediately be killed or captured. I’m excited to see what Kaito ends up telling his new found (?) gang about his background in the coming sections.


Listen, we’re quite cultured here. I only offer the highest of high-quality fiction. :wink:

That’s pretty much where I’m at as well. As much as I love reading about these situations, actually being in one would absolutely not go to plan, haha. I’ll read about this all from a distance, thank you.


I think the part that surprised me the most this week was 海斗 immediately breaking all the rules of time travel. Why are you telling the Spanish guy sneaking around on English soil (clearly a spy), “Oh, by the way, your admiral will die, this other fellow with no experience will take over, and you will lose terribly.“ Especially when it obviously can’t immediately prove anything anyway. I was like why are you saying these thiiiiings. Lucky for him Vicente can rationalize anything away, but we’ll see how Vicente feels about this in the future… :joy:

I loved this part! Looking forward to more cheeky pirate banter.

By the way, @eefara, are the illustrations only in the print version? I haven’t seen any in my kindle version. :cry:


My impression is that it refers to facial hair, hair cut, and clothes, like those soldiers:

… but in hindsight, I think I remember Vincent was cleanly shaved? And if I was a spy, I would get a culturally appropriate haircut, I guess. Only thing I have left is dark hair+dark eyes…


The poor kid hadn’t even heard of some of the sci-fi stuff they were talking about last chapter. No way he’d know not to break the golden time-traveling rule. :cry:

Yep, that’s correct; they’re physical only. :frowning: Speaking of which, I need to take some pictures of the color illustrations in the front…

He is clean-shaved, and has bright green eyes. Black hair at least, but yeah, I’m not sure what Kaito’s going for here.


If Vincente (did I spell this correctly? :thinking:) turns out to be our love interest, I will give him a big side-eye… at first Kato looks 12 to him and then like his sister:rofl:


No first ‘n’, I believe, and according to the character book. Should just be Vicente. Ugh, now that looks really weird when I type it out in romanization for some reason…

To be fair to the guy, I think he was just equating Kaito’s helplessness with his sister’s. Not that that may necessarily may make anything better, granted.


I have caught up. :partying_face:


I think I can make a prediction. I know fate. :sunglasses:

If you compare typical British faces with typical Spanish faces, it’s quite easy to see that they are not the same. :thinking: but I don’t know if this was true in 1500. :thinking:


Huzzah! :tada: