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Welcome to the eighth week of Medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠!

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We are following the below schedule (page counts may vary based on your medium):

Week Up to Approximate Pages Percent Paperback page
Week 1 * - last sentence ending 最後になった 31 8% 40
Week 2 * - last sentence ending 視ていたのだろう 26 14% 67
Week 3 * - last sentence ending 明かしてください 26 19% 94
Week 4 end of 第一話 24 24% 118
Week 5 * - last sentence ending じいぅと見つめていた 28 31% 155
Week 6 * - last sentence ending 席に立った 25 37% 181
Week 7 end of 第二話 29 43% 210
Week 8 * - last sentence ending 女の子です 29 49% 242
Week 9 * - last sentence ending 見つかったそうです 33 56% 275
Week 10 * - last sentence ending 愛しげに抱きしめた 33 64% 317
Week 11 * - last sentence ending はそう判断した 26 70% 344
Week 12 English sentence containing “Iced coffee” 29 76% 372
Week 13 English sentence containing “Grimoire” 29 81% 402
Week 14 * - last sentence ending その経緯を知りたいです 44 90% 455
Week 15 until 解説 29 96% 474

I will generally copy this information over thread to thread each week for ease of finding - you can always expect the schedule at the top of any weekly thread :slight_smile:

:policeman: Law and Order :policewoman:

  • Any reveals, for the current chapters must be behind spoilers or detail curtains. When we get further in you don’t need to hide details that were revealed in previous chapters.
  • Questions on vocab, grammar, nuance, and the like are both welcome and encouraged. If you’re not sure if it’s a spoiler, assume it is and use one of the above options to hide the text.
  • You are encouraged to speculate and guess wildly
  • Be kind about other peoples’ wild guesses :sparkling_heart:
  • Even if you don’t read the chapter(s) in time, you are still encouraged to post in the thread for that reading once you have finished it. I advise not reading ahead in the threads as you may see spoilers.

To gauge participation - a poll!

Are you reading week 8 of Medium?

  • Yes, I’m planning to read along/am reading along this week
  • I’m reading, but not at the same pace as the club
  • I’m just following the discussion :popcorn:
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Happy sleuthing! :male_detective:

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  1. Ah, flirtatious exchanges at the murder scene of a high school girl. While re-enacting her death! How romantic. :heart_eyes:

  2. If they wanted us to be surprised by the killer being a woman it would have helped to not stress over and over that the victims weren’t sexual assaulted. Like yes, some serial killers don’t assault their victims in that way, but if you’re going to repeatedly draw my attention to it I’m going to pay attention…


I don’t know, it has already been established that the murdered of the interlude is a guy and he doesn’t assault his victims either :thinking: At the very least, it didn’t catch my attention.


Yeah it never delves into the specifics there, but iirc all his victims are naked? Which I figured was part sexual thing and part fewer identifying items thing.


That does make sense. I was only thinking about the being careful and removing any loose threads/dirt/whatever that could have stuck to the clothes.


Huh? That cliffhanger was very similar to the one in the earlier chapters where it turned out that 結花’s friend was the murderer:










^ That’s the old text (about 9% in the ebook). I cut some stuff out, but that was a pretty similar cliffhanger.

I wonder if it was a deliberate callback?


I don’t think so. I feel like it’s just the way she talks…


By the way, the :cake: emoji in the title makes me so happy every time I see this thread :laughing:


So just to make sure I understood correctly, the victims were strangled by something soft enough not to leave much of a mark, hence the guess at a scarf as the weapon?

Hah, that’s all I could think as well. “Well, aren’t you two getting comfy.”


Yeah, that was my understanding as well. Watch it end up being a hair bow or something :joy:


Seriously, :face_vomiting: ! I could be fine with it if these two were established to be anything but the personification of innocence and good intentions. Getting turned on while reenacting a real murder, joking and giggling about it. I hated that scene with a passion. And the voice acting certainly doesn’t help. Maybe without the audiobook it would have been more bearable.

At this point I’m just reading this book to get it out of the way. I’m certainly not enjoying it. It feels to me like some adolescent wrote it, with all the excitement about exposed bits of flesh, or the ridiculous awkwardness of the police officer after uttering the word “sex” in front of a lady. :roll_eyes:


I’m open to you hate reading the book (that can be fun) but if there is no enjoyment to be derived from it don’t feel bad about dropping. I know there are jewels in your 積読 :heart:


And I’m so looking forward to them, but I want to get some long-unfinished things out of the way first, before I can enjoy them stress-free. The good thing about this book is that it’s easy to read, so at least I can hate-speed-read it. I don’t like dropping books, and I also want to finish it so I can leave a scathing review :joy:


You absolutely should! I honestly think this book should be read fast.