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Happy sleuthing! :male_detective:


Looks like I was right about the car being deliberately dumped by the vagabond…

So is 待田 a real detective after all? It certainly seems like he must be after the events at the end of this chapter, so I think the suggestion he was a fake was a red herring the author threw us.

I had the definite feeling that that scene with the vagabond just so happening to be leaving the police station at the same time and just happening to drop that conspicuous key holder has to be a setup. So that suggests that the vagabond and probably also 板谷’s wife and son are also undercover officers trying to get evidence on the old man.

But who is sending these parcels?


The fake/real detective was a good double bluff, wasn’t it? I had started suspecting that he was real but from another prefecture before it was revealed - he just knew way too much about police investigations to be an outsider.

I have finished the book (sorry, couldn’t resist), but I remember being (mild spoilers for this week only:) surprised at how little was revealed in this penultimate chapter. The author really keeps his cards close to his chest in this one.


Hmm, I don’t get the feeling that the 板谷 family is involved with the police. I really do think that it’s just a medical family and the father/husband was just killed. I do however think the vagabond is sus, or if not, an incredibly stupid person. A key holder shaped like an actual human heart is very conspicuous!

I’m curious what was found by the officers with shovels. Also we still have no reason for the girl rape/murders! Unless by some twisted logic the wronged father is also raping the girls as revenge, which to me seems a bit too far.

This just popped into my head while writing this - how old is the vagabond, do we know roughly? Maybe he’s the sender of the packages.


I was going to guess “absolutely nothing”, but rereading the bit where the old man fills in the hole, it definitely says he put in the 死体の包み, so there’s no wiggle room in the wording where it could turn out that really he put in a big bag of garbage instead.


I reread it so many times, trying to make sure there wasn’t any misunderstanding, like he put something else in the hole, or he put the body in a completely different hole, or who knows what else. :rofl:


Yes, that was a good call, hadn’t seen that at all.

Yes, I totally believe this by now. That was a nice setup by the author!

I wondered about that as well. Maybe he spilled the beans to the police and they are using him as bait now? I don’t buy his „I had no place to go“ given he was a hobo :woman_shrugging:
But then again, why would they need to do that when the hobo already reported on the murder? They can simply arrest and question the old man, no?
Or maybe the hobo is just plain stupid, as cat suggested…

Actually given their reaction, I can’t help but think they really found nothing… Anything else would be pretty unprofessional. And so far, the police has not been pictured as being dumb, so that doesn’t compute…

One thing that struck me as interesting was that the old man and the victim’s wife acknowledged that they know each other. Does this mean the old man is the doctor after all? Or did they just bump into each other in the hospital (and he is still the brother)? I‘m curious to see whether our detective might drop a remark that the wife then corrects, or something?

Which basically leaves us with the questions of who sends the parcels, who kills the girls, and where did the corpse go…


I read that as she had seen the real doctor before (decades ago) and the old man played it off as “whoops I forgot, cause I am senile”.

Definitely believing the whole brother impersonation theory.

About the hole, I am not sure but did the author actually mention explicitly which hole the body was dropped into? I suspect he is trolling again and there is a second hole somewhere.


:snake: :snake: :snake: :snake: :snake: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


This story is so full of coincedences/perfect timing that it becomes unbelievable quickly. :melting_face: but if you suspend disbelief it’s quite fun.

We don’t know if they found anything in the hole. :thinking:

onto the next week.