What about learning apps?

Hello everyone! Since I have joined this site I have always appreciated its impact. Now as I have recently joined the mochi kanji app I beginn to miss the opportunity to share stuff about this app here and I’m wondering whether there is already a post about apps people use. It would be great to be able to share them in one owns site, the progress and share opinions about it! Greetings Misaki


I don’t think there is one, or at least not recently.
But I think it would be a nice thing to talk about.

One maybe lesser known thing, which I would like to recommend is

(it’s aimed at Japanese schoolkids rather than Japanese learners)

There’s quite a lot of content, which is taught in natural Japanese, but in a quite gentle way.
[This has reminded me I should go through some more of it]


I always recommend Renshuu as one of my favorite learning apps for Japanese.

  • has vocab, kanji, grammar and (native) sentences which can be SRS’ed
  • great dictionary (jmdict I think), where terms cross-reference (e.g. look up vocab from sentences, kanji from vocab and reversely)
  • kanji has user-made mnemonics
  • lesson and textbook paths, lots of user-made term lists
  • you can’t lose progress, term progress is stored site-wide, not per deck/schedule
  • lovely discord community (tbh it’s the first non-toxic/elitist/gatekeepy jpn learner community except for here maybe) with online lessons and language activities
  • super amazing developer who’s super quick in responding to your reports and who’s active in the discord, also teaches the online lessons, and his wife did most of the illustrations and voice recordings
  • lots of different types of motivators (which can be turned on/off) like quests, levels, garden which can be decorated, cute comics etc.

The ones I found useful:

  • WaniKani - learned a ton of vocab and kanji
  • LingoDeer - grammar, vocab, great explanations, audio
  • Bunpro - grammar app, kinda similar to LingoDeer, but nicer and goes through N1. Community there seems nice enough
  • Satori Reader - curated stories with narration, clickable translation, definitions, and grammar and cultural notes. It’s what got me finally able to give native material a go
  • Ringotan - writing kanji. Even with a stylus, it’s still not identical to writing with a pen/pencil, but it’s really helpful for reading and writing.
  • iTalki - lessons with actual Japanese people. Very affordable
  • HelloTalk - mixed bag, but with enough effort you can find ppl to talk to consistently. The voice chat rooms are great listening practice too

I’ve used different apps and such across the last few years for Japanese but these are the ones others haven’t yet mentioned so far.

  • Tandem for language exchange partners (I currently have 2 speaking partners ongoing that meet with me online once a week or once a fortnight) as well as one that pops in from time to time for writing practice. (Free but you can pay to be bumped up the list of suggestions)

  • Preply for tutors, I’ve gone through a few til I found a decent one but not all of them have experience teaching. (Ranges in price based on the tutor)

  • Journaly.com for writing and having it marked by natives or fluent language learners. (Free for most features but you can pay extra for additional features. It can be difficult to get consistent feedback though unless you find someone who will consistently mark your mistakes)

  • yomujp.com for listening at specific N levels. It has multiple articles you can read and listen to for each N level including some basic beginner stuff which they mark as N6. (Free and the speed increases as you go up the levels, also spoken by a native speaker from what I can tell from the ones I’ve listened to so far)

  • Drops app and Scripts app. Drops does gamified vocabulary and phrases for multiple languages and Scripts does writing practice and sign language. (Free for 1 x 5-15 minute session every 10 hours or you can pay a monthly subscription or lifetime subscription and get unlimited time)

  • NHK for school gives access to native level articles, in video format, in easy Japanese (free).

  • OTO navi app (the Japanese times official app for their books) it has access to free audio files for Japanese Times books, you just need the name or ISBN to search for the correct book. I managed to get the audio files for the Genki reader series, Quartet as well as multiple JLPT books through it (free app, free access to the audio since it’s online for free)