What are you reading today?

I reloaded and it’s still blank for me :exploding_head: I also don’t see any of the link clicks shown for the book :thinking:


That’s super weird, but at least it’s nice that no data was lost.

There are some basic things you can try, which might either fix the problem for you, or that would at least be useful for a bug report:

  • Try logging out.
  • Try logging in again.
  • Try clearing your cache.
  • Try a different browser.

And after every step, check whether you can see the poll results.


I appreciate you writing out debugging steps, it’s very kind of you. I am giggling a little bit though as I happen to be very familiar with all those steps. :joy:
Knowing that the data isn’t truly lost was mostly a relief though, I went to sanity check I hadn’t lost my mind earlier and left it at that. Next time I’ll be looking will be the end of October by which point I suspect any passing issue will have resolved itself.


I can also see the poll with 9 voters now. So strange that it’s empty for you. :thinking:


I have never encountered so many IT people outside of language learning circles. :eyes: I wonder if the language-like structure of programming lends itself to people generally being interested in languages. :thinking:


today I’m reading about a horse turning into a human after dying to save her prince owner
it’s free :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

edit: apparently the entire volume is coming out on the 4th of November so this is an in opportunity before it’s official :joy:


Yesterday, I finished 東京かくりよ公安局 | L30??
As expected, it was good but nothing special. It had moments I really liked, but some parts (especially the ending) felt really poorly thought out (also, the whole volume builds up to something that is resolved in three (3) pages; that was a bit frustrating)
Still, the series is available from my local library, so I’m planning to continue.

Today, I read 魔法少女事変 1 | L27 volumes 1 and 2 since they were heavily discounted on Booklive (and probably other places). I also just gave in and bought volume 3 which I will probably start reading right after I post this.
The premise is funny (an average salaryman turns into a magical girl) and I enjoy the humor a lot, but the story has some issues figuring out if it wants to be serious action or comedy… the protagonist friend having enough money and political power to just summon an attack helicopter to help in a pinch kinda breaks the suspension of disbelief for me.
Although, I have to say that I found it funny that the author had both questions about gender (besides the sex change, having the main character commenting that he/she is more comfortable with 俺/私 depending on form) and an attack helicopter in the same story… I do believe it’s a coincidence though, since it serves the plot anyway and I don’t think attack helicopter jokes are a thing in Japan.

Edit: Sadly, volume 3 makes basically no sense AND is the end of the series. Volume 2 introduced a bunch of stuff that where never used, so I assume that the author was planning for more… too bad.


So I restarted 天久鷹央の推理カルテ | L35 after giving it a whirl as audiobook only earlier this year, but this time I am doing text+audio for Go Fast Fun :tm:

I know it’s not categorized as a LN, nor is the author known for LNs, but I’m going to just say that if a medical LN sounds like something you’d like, give this a try.

I just finished the first little medical mystery and now am a few pages into the next one and I’ve noticed the following tropes:

  • Main character is an adult woman who looks like a high schooler and is a genius 部長 doctor at 27
    – Points here for not sexualizing her. Zero fan service type stuff so far
  • Her subordinate/相棒/Watson is an Average Joe who it feels like we’re intended to self-insert as
  • All the clues so far have been neatly placed, but without a clear expectation that you as the reader will solve it and instead need to wait for the genius to swoop in and explain it all. Feels a bit like 体育館の殺人 | L31 in a way
  • Each chapter begins with an anime style drawing

Anyways, it’s fun. Not going to rock my world, but I have heavier reading planned during my upcoming vacation so this is a good palate cleanser.

BTW, personally think that 35 is too high based on what I’ve read so far, but time will tell


More like what I’ll be reading soon rather than today:

With October just round the corner, I am again in a mood for horror. We already have 夏と花火と私の死体 | L28 (learnnatively.com) lined up over at the WK Halloween club (everyone is welcome to join, by the way), but I wouldn’t mind reading something else too. Is anyone interested in reading リング | L35 (learnnatively.com) with me? I’m open to other horror too if you have something in mind.

As for what I’m reading today, I’m frantically trying to catch up with the マリアビートル | L35 (learnnatively.com) book club. It’s entertaining, I guess, but not as much as I expected from the description. It feels fast paced and frustratingly slow at the same time, and for a book about funny and violent shenanigans between killers on a shinkansen, there are a lot of supposedly deep diversions on human nature, and revisiting of sad past events. I was expecting a pageturner, but so far I could take it or leave it.


Interested, yes. But I have already too many commitments. :face_holding_back_tears:


Last year or so I listened to an interview with Sabine Mangold, the German 小川洋子 translator, and at the end she mentioned that she had also translated マリアビートル and that she thought it was bullshit :flushed::grin: so there’s that.


She doesn’t mince her words, does she? Between this and that Murakami discussion video that was uploaded here some time ago, I can see people in Germany are really passionate about their opinions on literature.

But yes, I wouldn’t put 小川洋子 and this anywhere on the same level (or even the same sentence). マリアビートル is cheap entertainment, and while there is nothing wrong with that, so far it’s not doing its job very well for me.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, my own schedule is totally empty :eyes: :sweat_smile:
When would be a good time for you, do you think?


After slotting in all the things I currently plan to participate in, it would actually fit in quite nicely in October. :thinking:

In parallel with the VN and mystery BC. :eyes: It kinda depends on the pace though - i.e. if you want to read it in a week, I won’t be able to do that. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Can I say that I’m immensely impressed with how organized you are? :astonished:

No need to go at a super fast pace, no. I’ll have several things that I’ll be reading in parallel too (mystery club among them), so we can take it nice and slow.

Cool, I’ll make a thread then and we can discuss more details there!


In her defense I must say I don‘t remember whether she actually used that word, but that’s how I wrote it in the notes I took, so it is possible after all :rofl:

For リング, I want to read it at some point as well, but currently I can’t promise anything …


I missed the start of the 本好き BC because I wasn’t. :melting_face: This Gantt chart is a result of that. It’s easier for me to remember my obligations if I can visualize them.

Thank you. :smiley:


a bit of interruption I apologize but I just noticed we have similar goals for Medium lol
I’m hoping to finish it by the middle of January

and way to go for being this organized, absolutely legendary :ok_hand:


Is anyone interested in reading リング | L35 (learnnatively.com) with me?

this looks awesome
I would love to join and see how much I can squeeze this in between things lmao
100% joining in the thread


It’s the next mystery book club book and I only had the starting date, but thought end of year might be a decent amount of time for it. educated guess and all :sweat_smile:


Just letting everyone know I set up the リング thread.

Feel free to join and talk about schedule there! :slight_smile: