What are you reading today?

I hope you all are having a great time reading. What are you reading today?


I just finished the first volume of 외국인을 위한 한국어 읽기.

I’d been meaning to start the series for ages, and Natively offering Korean gave me the push I needed. :grin:


Ooh excellent. Yeah I’m really curious what sort of graded readers are out there. I know TTMIK has a lot which I’ll be uploading later today.

FYI for everyone adding books… the book adder is still a little suspect and I may be switching to Aladin later on today rather than Yes24. Give it a go, but it may be a little slow and it may pull in too many volumes for books in a series.

I’ll be working hard to populate around 500 books & movies & tv shows the next day or two. Korean isn’t officially launched yet, so don’t promote it in other forums quite yet. Will happen Wednesday hopefully :slight_smile:


Per the recommendation of @bibliothecary , I read the first 무민 book - 무민의 특별한 보물 | L10 - and it was indeed very cute. As I say in my review, it’s pretty much exactly what you want when reading a foreign children’s book. As for level, I think it’s actually a pretty good extensive read for me. I didn’t really run into any grammar constructions I didn’t know and the vocabulary was usually pretty guessable… but it still definitely flexed the things I have learned.

I will probably continue reading some more of them.

I think i’ll also give 신기한 항아리·코에서 나온 쥐·도깨비감투 | L10 a go today as well.

At some point i’d also like to get back into the 어린왕자 (공식 한국어판) | L25??, but that one definitely takes a bit more work for me to read!


Same thing for me in the Japanese version; despite being labeled a children’s book, it’s surprisingly hard to read. @.@ I guess it’s because of the mostly out there vocabulary set you’d need? That, and it’s surprisingly long for what it is, at least from my point of view.

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Just started my first novel in Korean! :partying_face:

It seems like it’s a “be careful what you wish for” story with lots of unexpected and unwanted repercussions from each wish. :smiling_imp:

The language hasn’t been too difficult so far, so hopefully I’ll be able to get through the whole book… And start the second one!


Oofta! I just attempted 어린왕자 (공식 한국어판) | L25?? again and wow that was intense. It took me like 30 mins for a page and a half :sweat_smile:. It was all exposition and hypotheticals on what boring adults think & ask vs what awesome kids ask… which got quite complicated tracking the subject haha. And the grammar was quite hard… lots of very long sentences with many clauses and 는s expressing contrast between adults & kids.

Idk, it was hard and I enjoyed it, but it may not be sustainable, we’ll see. I do think that was just a particularly hard section. The other parts which have been simple narratives have been much easier. I’ll keep plugging I think.

I also did another 10 pages (30 mins) in 신기한 항아리·코에서 나온 쥐·도깨비감투. This really feels quite easy and I don’t have to do many lookups… there’s just quite a bit of text on each page and I read slowly. The story isn’t that great but I’m enjoying it.


Finished the first chapter of 마녀의 소녀 and there’s already been a disturbing ritual. How fun! :laughing:


I’ve been slowly reading 달까지 가자 while listening to the audiobook at the same time to get in some hours of listening practice. I’ve been quite busy at work recently and there are a lot of scenes where the narrator is stressed by her job, so it maybe wasn’t the best choice to read right now but I’m still enjoying it! Hopefully this weekend I can make some good progress and finish it finally.


Reading the first Harry Potter along with the audiobook; it’s taken two and a half hours just to reach Diagon Alley, but we can finally leave those annoying muggles behind! :mage:


So I think this might be the most appropriate thread. I was wondering if any Korean users knew of any Android Korean dictionary apps that allowed export of words/lists to Anki.

Still working my way through the 두루책방 - Free (series) | L0-19 books, and one I particularly enjoyed was 백사전: 중국의 하얀 뱀 전설 | L19. :snake: :fairy:

I don’t use any, but Naver dictionary (online & app) has a ‘wordbook’ that saves your lookups. It might allow exporting word lists, but you have to have a Naver email account to use it. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Finished the prologue of 책벌레의 하극상 제1부 - 병사의 딸 1 | L30 for the book club!

Definitely a stretch of my abilities vocab-wise, but nothing I can’t handle so far without a little sprinkling of papago. The grammar is quite straightforward so far. We’ll see how it continues!

It seems like i’ll be ending up learning a lot of book-related vocabulary :joy: