What are you watching today?

I’ve been putting 夏目友人帳 on in the background lately. It’s a nice show to have on while eating dinner and doing chores. It’s very episodic and the flow is pretty logical, so it’s easy to pick up even if I miss a scene. The dialogue between humans is pretty casual but not overly dialectical so it’s not too bad to follow either. Honestly, if not for the unique speech patterns often used by the yokai, I would say it’s a great beginner anime that fits in a lot of interesting and unique Japanese culture.


Madame Sullivan reveals at the end that it was her as an excuse to have the war and therefore gain control of so many witches/wizards though. Or at the very least implies it iirc.

My understanding is that the book events sometimes are super different from the movie though.

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Think it depends on the movie but yeah. It’s not really explained in the film that I remember but that was the impression I got. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve recently added D.Gray-man S1 to my little watch list; I’m a huge fan of the source material, so even though my DVDs don’t have JP subtitles included, I thought it might be reasonable to try to muddle my way through the anime. So far it’s going okay; I want to say it’s easier than HunterxHunter so far, but I’m a bit hesitant to grade just yet. Part of it is I haven’t quite decided how I want to grade shows/movies. How much emphasis should I place on difficulty of vocab/grammar vs. character accents/how fast they talk? I feel like you need to consider all of fit for a good grading, but it’s hard for me to accurately judge the second pair of considerations.

I feel like the two shows are probably more or less equal, and it’s just my familiarity of DGM that makes me want to grade it lower, hence my hesitating on the grading…


I’m trying to finish watching 勝手にふるえてろ because it’s actually quite funny, but I’m right about the 50% mark and the awkward humor has ramped up significantly. I’m really bad with awkward humor :melting_face: Please let’s go back to the absurd conversations and ordering fossils off the internet and skip the romcom anxiety-inducing stuff.

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I watched a lot of anime yesterday and today. I usually only watch a handful of episodes per week, but with Netflix cracking down on account sharing I wanted to get some stuff out of the way. I watched the last four episodes of season 2 of Bofuri yesterday, and the whole season was a letdown compared to season 1. Today I watched the Violet Evergarden movie which was good and pretty easy to follow. And then I also watched episode 7 of Oshi no Ko, which was good but probably the most difficult episode since the first. I really like the vibes from Oshi no Ko. Once the anime finishes and I have a solid 6 months to forget many of the details I’ll probably try reading the manga. Though I’m not sure the static black and white images will be able to live up to the animation from the show.

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The books were also a let down… and things aren’t really getting much better. It gets quite repetitive after a while.

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I started watching 僕だけがいない街 again. I originally tried it…2019? I understood bits and pieces at that time, but it was more a case of celebrating understanding any of it than actually following the story well. This time around it’s a breeze, and I’m able to recognize which bits are dialect and infer the meaning, whereas in 2019 it took googling each unfamiliar phrase :sweat_smile:

Also continuing インビジブル (also on Netflix) but I’m not that invested in the plot. It’s starting to feel like they don’t have that much story to write and so they’re using a lot of filler.


I have to put the history one on 0.75x speed, just get what vocab I can out of it (definitely wouldn’t understand without the EN). Once I finish it, I might rewatch it bit by bit to really understand the translation.

The Bocchi ones I leave on at work, as an “I get whatever I get” sort of thing. Sometimes I have a decent idea of what’s going on, others I just enjoy the energy.


I found this guy on Youtube and I’ve been watching a lot of his videos. I like how he explains a lot of difficult to read stories in an easy to understand way and points out a lot of the symbolism that I missed reading them myself (like the colour symbolism stuff in 走れメロス!! That was really cool to learn about.) His content is geared mostly to Japanese school kids and follows their textbooks but as I’m taking a class that is basically a middle school level 国語 class starting a couple months from now I can only see his stuff being more helpful in the future. Would recommend if you like any stories that happen to be featured in Japanese school textbooks and want to get a deeper understanding of them. Also he has some videos on grammar but I tend to avoid them.