Add audiobook option to book info

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As mentioned in the other thread, it would be nice to have a way of recording if you listened to an audiobook (either accompanying reading or on its own) on the book info page.

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joining in on the request, I was just now looking to see if there was a request on the matter :smiley:
for now I’ll probably do a [total page number] divided by [total track number] to track my listening I guess?
but having an actual way to V the tracks I listened to like I do with page numbers normally will be nice/even just a general V when I finish it as audio rather then directly reading it


I just do current location / overall minutes and then enter my percent finished, although if the tracks are fairly consistent for number of minutes I have done 1/tracks (ie, 10 tracks = each chapter is 10%) and used that for percentage as a close-enough shorthand.