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The site already supports books and video, and I think it would be beneficial to have an audio section for media such as podcasts and audiobooks. This would be useful for those that want to improve their listening skills and track listening stats.

Having separate sections for books and audiobooks would allow the user to be more accurate with their tracking (pages read vs. minutes listened), but it would be useful to have individual books and audiobook linked so they share grading and level information.

Amazon/audible should cover most audiobooks that are commercially available, though there are also public domain audiobooks, such as those found on LibriVox.

While audiobooks are closely linked with traditional books, there is a growing number of original audiobooks that don’t have physical or ebook counterparts (although some provide transcripts) - an audio section would allow users to track and rate these.

Podcasts are incredibly popular, both those aimed at language learners and those for native speakers. It would be great to be able to discover native podcasts at the appropriate language level. Perhaps something like Listen Notes would be useful for sourcing podcast information?

There are also other types of audio that would be useful to include, such as courses (Pimsleur, Assimil) and radio (talk shows, dramas).

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Seconded; this would be a great addition.


That’s definitely something I would like to see. As I’ve started listening to audiobooks, currently I use tags to mark my reads that were audiobooks, and notes when I’m both reading and listening, to monitor my progress. It’d be great to be able to actually log those things though.