Audible search / support

Description of your request or bug report:

  • Surface if an audible edition is available for a book, allow search
  • Allow users to add listening stats (total minutes, current minute, audiobook source note)
  • Potentially these listening stats would ‘override’ current page… however I may still keep track of the pages in the background (look at the % of the book read via current minute / total minutes).
  • Potentially exclude ‘pages read’ stats for books with listening stats via a checkbox

Trello link:

Suggestions to improve audible data:

  • Add VA information.
  • Add duration information.
  • Some books are split in parts (like Konosuba for example)

It would be cool if there was full audiobook support. I.e One could mark them as complete, mark X number of mins, and see stats for hours listened on the stats page


Maybe the site should let users (optionally) specify what version of the book they are reading, which could change the options for marking their progress through the book too. That way users not listening to the audiobook don’t see “minutes” as an option.


This would be really nice, with the caveat that you can always go back and add the “regular” version of the book separately.

Maybe it could be multi-select in case you’ve read / are reading multiple versions.


Is this just for Audible (the platform) or audible content? I’d also like Youtube readalongs (朗読) to be searchable along with other platforms like Not necessarily distinct in search - I just want something to come up as having an audio accompaniment or not.


That would be extremely useful for when I pick up an audiobook and read along.

The only thing is that currently natively doesn’t support multiple reads even within the same version at different times, so I think support has to come first then that can be easily added (maybe?)


Ah yes, this is another feature that I’d like. I’ll create a request for it now….

Edit: The request can be found here Reread support for books


A lot of great ideas in this thread!

I think this version here would simply focus on adding audible search and some basic audible stats. I’m imagining this would be an additional toggle to add ‘listening’ stats (total minutes, current minute) on any book. I haven’t yet decided how exactly this look, but we’ll see.

This would not include youtube reading / / other audiobook search, as that would require community editing tools which allow people to add those things (there’s not an easy way to automate, outside audible). Perhaps along with your ‘listening stats’ you’d be able to add a note on your audio source.