Allow users to see which books they have contributed (and show/hide on public profile)

As noted in the general thread - I can see that Natively is recording that I have contributed/suggested X books, but even I can’t necessarily remember which ones they are! (Apart from them mostly still having level suggested ranges, since they’re mostly new).

Suggestion is a page or filter where you can see the titles that you have contributed. Additionally, you might be able to check if you want to show that page to other people who click on your profile (not sure where to surface in the UI though - perhaps a new tab, perhaps a filter setting, perhaps clicking on the Contributed X books, etc)


Trello link:

Approved. This is a gimme and would be nice :slight_smile:


If this does get added as a prominent profile feature, I’d like a way to control which books are shown, or at least the order they’re displayed in. For example I added サキュバスに転生したのでミルクをしぼります 1 | L23 because I got it for free a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be one of the worst books I’ve ever read (not that I had high expectations, lol). I don’t mind it being in my library right beside my 1-star review, but I’d rather not have it displayed proudly at the top of my profile as my latest contribution to the site :sweat_smile:


:joy: :joy:. To be fair, I think there’s value in adding a book just to trash it and say “stay away”!

But duly noted. I think this may also be the case for people who add a lot of… sexy… books as well :wink:


With a title like that I have no idea why not :upside_down_face:


I would certainly have some sorts of expectation.

Edit: that cover is giving me back pain, though.

Can’t be me. I just don’t add the spicier ones :upside_down_face:


What about a checkbox during the request book, just like if you want to get it added to your library or not, if you want to get it credited as contributed by you or get it contributed Anonymously

When I voted for this I just assumed it was for private reference. I probably wouldn’t want this feature if it was public, simply because I don’t think it’s anyone’s business but my own what books I contributed.

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While I don’t care if people see what I contributed, I also don’t see why they would care about it. Those books are all going to be in my library anyway, so they can just check that instead.


This. Unless you exclude it from library, someone can just check the first entry in the activity log. It’s not 100% certain though.

Well I guess similar to @Athakaspen, I’d want people to see the books in my library within the context of my ratings and reviews. Just seeing that I contributed a book might imply I recommend it, which isn’t necessarily the case.

Well, technically, it sounds like it would not get on the front of the page anyway while your reviews would be more directly accessible. If someone gets out of their way to make the wrong assumption, honestly, it’s on them.

The only exception would be if it’s a book you don’t want to be associated with in any shape or form… but then why add it to begin with?

Speaking of which, I found out that someone has actually added some of the spicier BL stuff I refused to add and even 4~5 stared some of them. I am impressed.


Yeah, I don’t think I have any of those. :laughing:

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