Audiovisual initial feedback and requests



  • finished tv show syncing! Now will be syncing daily for ‘ongoing’ seasons
  • right now, you cannot trigger a resync yourself, that’s next up
  • I also do not yet surface which series are ongoing, will do shortly
  • Resynced many ongoing shows:
    • shirokuma cafe runtimes are 24 mins now 12 @TeaportToTortoise
    • 遊☆戯☆王ゴーラッシュ! & クールドジ男子 & シャドウバースF @perrydimes
      • i’m not sure of the issues here but take a look
      • I did not that some of the seasons seemed long… perhaps a season split is in order? :slight_smile:


  • allow people to trigger resyncs
  • showcase ‘ongoing’ status
  • I think I need to handle episode runtime updates from TMDB with tv episodes marked ‘watched’ by users. Minute calculations may not be updated for user stats.

I thought about it some more and, yeah, I think all you need is a “To Watch” list (ie. remove Owned and Wish List), and if you want to mark videos for different purposes, you can do so with custom lists. (I’m finding that the filters pretty much do what I need without having custom lists.)

So I’m thinking the lists would be:
Wish List – Watching – Stopped – English Subs – Finished

Other alternatives: Yet To Watch, Never Watched, Want to Watch


I’m partial to “Plan to Watch” :slight_smile:

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I think ‘Plan to Watch’ makes sense, It’s just slightly longer than Wish List… have to double check it works in the interface (want it to fit well on the button).

I agree though, let’s ditch ‘Owned’ for audiovisual. I’m not sure if I should make a custom ‘Owned’ list for everyone and duplicate the items onto the new list? Or if just makes sense to just assume most people won’t want the custom list.

I’m leaning towards the first option (duplicating).

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“Planning” is the shorthand AniList uses when “Plan to Watch” doesn’t fit. I just don’t think “Wish List” makes sense because to me “Wish List” implies purchasing something.

What would happen to the items if you don’t make the custom list? Would they go onto to the same Plan to Watch list as the current Wish List items? Also, what do you mean by duplicating? I haven’t used custom lists yet, so I just assumed an item can go on a single list regardless of whether it’s built-in or custom. Is that true or does every item have to be on one of the built-in lists and they get “duplicated” onto the custom list if you use one?

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Yes, the current Wish List & Owned items would be merged into on ‘Plan to Watch’ list.

Right now an item in your library needs to have a ‘status’ and appears on the list associated with that status. Custom lists are simply lists which do not have any correlated status. So yes, any item on a custom list must be on the status list too.

I could certainly allow you to add items to your library with no status and only live on a custom list, but I don’t have the system configured to allow that currently. My impression is that the current approach is pretty standard across trackers (AniList, GoodReads, BookMeter & StoryGraph all require a ‘status’).

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Do you plan to address the weird duplicating of season titles in both Japanese and English across the board, or do we need to submit corrections for each individually?


I think ongoing series have to be displayed differently than 100% if you have watched all aired episodes


This gives the feeling you have completed the item while it’s ongoing.



I think this pop-up should be “Do you want to set the series to Watching?” button / function.


This might fall under the issue I previously described with the video stats, but I noticed that the .episode-status dialogues don’t affect the Activity or Stats, but the .left-hand dialogue does. So the watch stats are reported incorrectly.

Issue: The Additional Details dialogue (under .left-hand ) updates the displayed Activity progress, but the .episode-status dialogue does not. This inconsistency is reflected in both the series’ Activity section and in my individual Stats section.

Steps Followed:

  • Mar 14: via Additional Details dialogue, I entered that I’d watched Log Horizon ep 1-11 (meaning it said "Current Location 12, Min 0)
  • Apr 7: via .episode-status dialogues, I corrected ep 1-11 to Started & Finished Dec 10, 2022
  • Apr 7-8: I watched eps 12 - 25, marking them each as started & finished after I watched, via .episode-status dialogues
  • Apr 8: After completing ep 25, I marked the series as Finished 4/8/2023

What displays in Activity:

Just now: lunacodes watched Ep 24-25 (25 min)
21 hours ago*: lunacodes finished ログ・ホライズン S1
2023-03-14: lunacodes watched Ep 1-12**
2023-03-14: lunacodes started watching

(see Notes section below for the asterisks)

What displays in Stats (for related months):

Apr 2023: Watched 49 min (half of that is SAO Alicization)
Mar 2023: 2,078 min (a variety of shows, some of this is likely erroneous)
Dec 2022: 0 min

The fact that I also watched ep 12 through 24 on Apr 7-8 is not reflected in either location

*The time right now is Apr 8, 10:38 PM EST. So “22 hours ago” == Apr 8, 12AM EST, i.e. the beginning of the day
**The episodes watched should be 11 instead of 12. The Current Location field was set to Ep 12 Min 0. If showing that as Ep 12 is the intended behavior, then “Current Episode” is an unclear label.


In case it helps, MyAnimeList abbreviates it to “PTW” where “Plan to Watch” would be too long


Apologies for the brief delay in response, I had a brief vacation this past week (brother in town :slight_smile:)

Interesting. I assume it’s that way on TMDB too? I think we’ll need to report individually unfortunately, as i’m not sure I could programmatically do it well?

Yeah, this is a part of the next batch of work. Now that I have a sense of ‘ongoing’ there will be a series of changes in display. That’s a good callout.

This is all really excellent feedback, thank you! After I deal with a few more ‘ongoing series’ updates - like grading ongoing series and a few mechanisms - I will be focusing on stats & activities. Have noted these things down and will address then :slight_smile:


When I checked I believe It was not that way on TMDB, so you might want to look into it a bit.

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  • “Last Synced” information now appears on TV Season & TV Series pages
  • Can manually trigger a sync with TMDB by clicking the ‘sync’ button
  • Episodes to be aired (future episodes) are now shown if they are in TMDB (see here for example)

Next Up:

  • Display ‘ongoing’ series status on tv season & series page
  • Better handle progress bar on dashboard for ‘ongoing’ series items
  • Determine how to handle gradings for ongoing series

After that I think the ‘ongoing’ aspect of series will be mostly solved for the time being. I’ll be moving on to bugs for a little while and then stats. I have essentially 10 days until another week vacation, so this next week should have lots of progress updates :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also now surface episodes that are not yet aired. You cannot mark these episode finished or watching, you can only view them until their release date occurs. FYI if you mark an ongoing season ‘finished’, it will only mark aired episodes finished. “Unaired TV Episodes” are in a completely different database table, so there’s no way you can mark them finished :slight_smile:



  • Made genre filter a ‘super filter’ in the video search. Now, the second click on a genre subtracts that genre from the results. Also, each genre is an ‘AND’ filter now, not an 'OR. See all non-animation action content here. Note that I haven’t updated the library genre filter yet… will do shortly. @morteASD thanks for the UI suggestion! :slight_smile:
  • Added season ‘ongoing’ status to tv season & tv series page
  • Duplicate seasons (新あたしンち) @Legato I’m not sure I should fix this. Perhaps we should delete the second season from TMDB? It seems more like a reboot than a second season of the same show (14 years apart)
  • SPY×FAMILY … season 2?. I decided not to separate ‘part 2’ into a second season. Welcome to feedback about that!

This is a weird case. I would leave it in one season myself too.

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How is it different from any other split cour anime? Like Komi-san or Attack on Titan season 3.

They kept the episodes number going from where they left it, and AFAIK they never called it a second season.

It was just a weird break?

That’s the same as the others. That “weird break” has become increasingly common the last several years. The whole point of the split season feature was to allow these split cour (single season) anime to be split into two entries to match the airing cycle, the same way AniList tracks them. The reason is that you may only watch the first cour and then drop the show, but since it aired independently it’s weird to say you dropped it rather than completed it. But then if it continues into the second cour within the same entry it’s inaccurate to say you completed it. I think splitting the entry makes it much cleaner for tracking.

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I don’t know. Do people track what they watch via TMDB too? If so, they’d probably get annoyed if we delete something.

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That’s fair. In any case whatever works. It just felt for me that there was not really a definite separation of arcs between before and after the “break”.

So maybe a poll is in order @brandon.

As for weirdness things:

This anime has the episodes split in chapters within the episode, except for the the two last ones, making it a nightmare to track.

Also despite hitting the re-sync button, the status doesn’t change from ongoing to ended.