Discourse autoformatting of Natively URLs is flaky

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If you use a raw Natively URL for a book or series in a Discourse forum post, it’s supposed to autoformat into a links with a human readable title and Natively level. Unfortunately this is flaky, so sometimes Discourse leaves the raw URL in the post instead. This has been on and off unreliable for as long as I’ve been using Natively, but it’s particularly bad right now. It’s one of the most common ways I interact with Natively and it’s always a bit of a bummer when I write a forum post with Natively links and then I post it and they don’t autoformat the way they’re supposed to.

For example I made this post this morning (April 14th): 🌳 黒い森の記憶 🧠 終わり - #24 by pm215 – of the five links, only two successfully autoformatted. Later the same day, when I edited the post to fix a typo, all the links autoformatted.

Discussion of this problem in the infrastructure overhaul thread: 👷 🚧 Infrastructure Overhaul! Report newly broken functionality here! 🔥 🚒 - #266 by Megumin

Thread from 2023 where a previous instance of this problem was tracked down to book pages having a big script before the html title element: Level+1 Reading Challenge 📚📈 - #55 by brandon

I think I’ve also seen it suggested that if the page is too slow in responding then Discourse gives up on the autoformat.

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Another “half the links failed to autoformat” post What are you reading today? - #2755 by pm215