Fix custom list order and Allow custom manual sorting

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Custom lists are supposed to be sorted by creation date (as seen above), but they are not. It is unknown what they are being sorted as (because it’s not alphabetical or by edit date). When custom list is created, it is added to the bottom, but when the page refreshes, it moves to another seemingly random spot in the list.

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Approved! Thanks for logging :laughing:

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Description of your request or bug report:
(Hopefully this isn’t a dupe; I went through the current requests to try to make sure, but I might’ve missed something.)

I would like the ability to manually choose what order my custom lists display in on my library page:


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Approved - makes sense :slight_smile:

Should this be merged and repurposed into this one @brandon ?


No, I think keeping them separate is fine. Fixing the random order should be a quick fix, while allowing reorder requires api / database changes. We’ll see. :slight_smile:


Maybe it makes sense to merge into one that has two stages checklist?

  1. Fix the order in first instance.
  2. Implement custom orders.

That way in case the odd situation 2 is implemented first, then 1st is solved, and it’s all in the same place and we don’t have to hunt two separate tickets.

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sure I like that

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