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That’s just the edition, it’s not necessary to include in the title.

(I checked when buying my Korean version, and there’s very little difference between the two editions - a slight size difference, probably page difference, and different extras that are included; bookmark vs postcard)


In case this is useful to anyone, here are the ending lines for each week… I will probably put them in the OP later.

Ending lines... NOTE: nothing under here is blurred
  • Wk 2 - いつもと同じようにお母さんにも、寝てる間に帰ってきたお父さんにも、アバズレさん達の話はしませんでした (end of ch1)
  • Wk 3 これが、私南さんの出会いでした (end of ch2)
  • Wk 4 - とても、いい日でした (changed to p68)
  • Wk 5 - でも、やっぱり彼が誰なのか、思い出すことは出来ませんでした (end of ch 3)
  • Wk 6 - 次の日の朝、お母さん用意してくれた朝ご飯は、人口も食べませんでした (end of ch4)
  • Wk 7 - お父さんが誕生日には必ずお前の欲しものを買ってきてくれることの理由を、分かってるはずだ」「…………」
  • Wk 8 - これが、南さんと私のお別れとなりました (end of ch5)
  • Wk 9 - その顔はやっぱり、いつもの勇気のない桐生くんのままでした。
  • Wk 10 - どうりで、いくら一階を捜しても見つからないはずです。
  • Wk 11 - だから、やっぱり (end of ch6)
  • Wk 12 - まだ門限までには時間があったけれど、泣いた顔のまま会ってはいけないと思ったのです (end of ch 7)
  • Wk 13 - もちろん合わせる手は、アバズレさんと。
  • Wk 14 - 私はその言葉を何度も心の中唱え続けました。(end of ch8)
  • Wk 15 - それから、丸いドアノブがゆっくりと回るのが、はっきりと見えました
  • Wk 16 - さあ、言ってやりなさい。
  • Wk 17 - コーヒー味が苦手な私は、パピコの中身が溶けてから、それを通りかかったアリさんにあげてしまいました。
  • Wk 18 - 私の中の気づきが、そんな風景を見せたのです。
  • Wk 19 - ああ、ここで終わりか、と。

Here’s the updated Korean info (most of the page numbers were off). It might be easier to have separate tables for Japanese and Korean.

Week End Page End line
1 19 나는 고개를 저었습니다.
2 34 (end of chapter) …그 밖의 사람들에 대한 이야기는 하지 않았습니다.
3 48 (end of chapter) 그게 나와 미나미 언니의 만남이었습니다.
4 68 정말로, 좋은 날이었습니다.
5 75 (end of chapter) 하지만 역시 그가 누구인지, 생각해내지 못했습니다.
6 89 (end of chapter) 다음 날 아침, 엄마가 차려준 아침밥은 한 숟갈도 먹지 않았습니다.
7 102 …아빠가 왜 생일이면 반드시 네가 원하는 것을 사오는지, 그 이유를 너는 분명 잘 알고 있을 거야." “…”
8 115 (end of chapter) 그것이 미나미 언니와 나의 작별이었습니다.
9 134 그 얼굴은 역시 평소의 용기 없는 키류의 얼굴이었습니다.
10 153 그러니 아무리 일 층을 돌아다녀도 할머니가 보이지 않았던 것이지요.
11 157 (end of chapter) 그렇다면 역시…
12 174 (end of chapter) …눈물범벅인 얼굴로 찾아가서는 안 된다고 생각했던 것입니다.
13 193 물론 손은 아바즈레 씨와 맞잡고 있었지만.
14 205 (end of chapter) 나는 그 말을 몇 번이고 마음속으로 중얼거렸습니다.
15 223 그리고 둥근 손잡이가 천천히 돌아가는 것이 분명하게 보였습니다.
16 237 자, 어서 모두에게 당당하게 말해줘.
17 247 (end of chapter) …그것을 지나가던 개미들에게 줘버렸습니다.
18 265 내 안으로부터의 깨달음이 그런 풍경을 보여준 것입니다.
19 275 (end of chapter) 아, 이걸로 끝인가, 라고.
20 285 (end)

Small correction (which is important for people who are using full text search to find it): At least in my edition it’s


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@bibliothecary @Legato thank you!! I fixed the ending line

Hmm yeah, two tables would probably be a good idea. Will try to get to that tonight

You should probably wrap the final lines in spoiler tags, or else put it under a details tag, btw


I spent a couple minutes wondering why I wasn’t finding the ending line in the ebook, until I realized that I’d been trying to look for the sentence from my other bookclub (ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂 1 | 이상한 과자 가게 전천당 1) :sweat_smile: :melting_face:

I’ll save my full thoughts for when I’ve completed this week’s reading, but I can already tell that so far this is the most difficult thing I’ve read in Korean. It’s not that the grammar structures themselves are super advanced, I know most of them, but the sentences are just too long so it takes me a while to make sense of them. There are also some combinations of grammar points that I’d never come across before, which makes the whole thing more difficult as well. Not to mention, some of the sentences are simply unexpected, so my brain tries to find alternate meanings, because surely the main character didn’t just think or say that, did she?

For example, I got stuck on “나는 히토미 선생님의 이 얼굴을 정말 좋아합니다. 다른 선생님들의 얼굴에 비해 거짓이 적다는 느낌이 드니까요.”
(at 4%) because I was certain that I was misunderstanding something. “This teacher’s face is beautiful, and saying that is less of a lie than saying it for other teachers” just wasn’t something that I even considered could be the correct meaning at first.

Also, kind of a stupid question, but what is the gender of this Hitomi teacher ? Since gender isn’t really mentionned, I only have the name to go off off, and my knowledge of Japanese names is not good enough to help in this case. Or it’s their last name, and we have no way of knowing that person’s gender right now :thinking:


Hitomi-sensei is female.


While we’re on the topic of Hitomi-sensei, is that her surname? I’ve only ever heard that as a first name so that was my assumption, but that seems a really forward manner of address. Then again she was speaking informally with her so… :woman_shrugging:t4:

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It’s the same in Korean actually, she uses a mix of a pretty standard form that is technically informal (요) but is supposed to still be polite, but it’s not because she uses the wrong “I” with it. It makes it seem like she has a higher status than the teacher, which is weird. Even when attempting to look this up, I only come across people explaining that you could never do this when speaking to your teacher, so idk. At least the teacher speaks normally, completely informally.


I did the exact same thing while trying to look up the end lines for the Korean version! Was so confused as to why I couldn’t find the right sentences… :rofl:


Week 2 thread is now up: Week 2 | また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 | Beginner’s LN club

Also, I’m vaguely remembering discussion about having separate tables for JP & KR, so it’s less confusing. I’ll try to do that tonight/tomorrow


I noticed the manga is about 300y per vol or so on Amazon (presumably same on bookwalker, etc)

Could be an additive option for additional context, etc if desired


Just got my copy and looking forward to joining the discussions soon :kissing_closed_eyes:


Week 3 is up, a bit early (at least for my timezone): Week 3 | また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 | Beginner’s LN club

I still haven’t finished this week’s reading tho :sweat_smile:


I’ve just been listening and trying to glean what I can from it so far. I’ll come back and read it properly at a later date. I’ve too many plates being juggled atm but at least listening is helping to train my ear :sweat_smile:


Same here :slight_smile:


Could you add those ending lines in a details box inside the opening post? They’re useful for when you want to start the next week before Sunday, but don’t want to read too far ahead. Thanks!


Yeah, I’ve been meaning to do that anyway. Just have to decide on the formatting/placement


Ok Week 4 thread is up. Also I added both line ending tables to the OP.


Week 5 is up Week 5 | また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 | Beginner’s LN club