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Yeah, I probably should stop that, you’re right. I’m just not sure what’s the right way to do this without putting in a lot of time here :thinking:


You can just write ‘free’ in the notes section.

Also, I am doing important grading updates tonight, so please check out the grading thread!


It looks like Ridibooks is also a publisher, and their works are exclusive (so they don’t appear on Yes24 or other retailer sites). They don’t seem to have a category for their own published works, but 명 바꾸기 | L30?? is an example, and if you scroll down its Ridi page to the recommendations there are lots of others (you can also see several on the domestic best sellers categories, like this one - they all have ‘RIDI’ in the bottom right corner of the cover).

Would it be possible to add functionality to be able to add these books directly to the site since they can’t be added via Yes24?


I just noticed a problem with the title of 나의 별에게 | L30??, and I suspect it may have something to do with a quirk of Korean typing that I’ve come across occasionally. I may be mistaken and it’s something completely different (something like this, for example), but I just thought I’d draw attention to it.

Below is the title copied from the item page:

나의 별에게

Although it looks the same as 나의 별에게, which I’ve just typed, it is different. Usually if you use backspace after completing a syllable, the whole block is deleted. However occasionally you come across examples like the one above where it behaves slightly differently - if you copy and paste the text then use backspace, it deletes by letter rather than by block (for example, 게 becomes ᄀ, rather than being deleted completely). While this seems like an incredibly minor thing, it means the title can’t be found using search: I tried both copy-pasting the title and typing it out, but there were no results for either method.

It is an easy fix: just delete the title and type it out again. But as far as I’m aware, there’s no way to detect if titles are “broken” like this except the copy/paste/backspace method. I only discovered this because I was trying to add the item to a list but it wasn’t appearing in the search results. So there could be other examples like this in the database; again, not a huge deal because if you try to add it again, you’ll be directed to the existing page.

It’s a tiny thing, and while it doesn’t cause huge problems, it is a little inconvenient. Just thought I’d mention it in case i) it is a bug(?) unique to Korean, rather than something that affects all languages, ii) it can be detected and/or fixed automatically, and iii) users who are confused about not being able to find an existing item using search can be made aware of the potential issue.


I noticed that for 위시유, there is both the series and the movies on Natively. However, from my understanding, they’re pretty much identical, the only difference being that the series cuts up the movie into small segments. Hence, it’d make sense for gradings to be merged.

I thought I put in a feedback request about this at some point, but it hasn’t changed, so maybe I’m just misremembering :thinking:.

I’d guess this would fall under editions handling.

Here (어른 세계에 온 걸 환영해 | L20) it looks like there are two authors separated by a comma, except there’s only one author. It probably stems from a Yes24 problem.

아몬드 | L26 is present twice, I’m almost certain that the second one was added from a bogus Yes24 series.

@brandon , would it be possible to add more books providers for Korean? Here we have a thread on Korean book providers, so adding just a couple of those would be great. For example, https://www.booksonkorea.com/ , since they have such a wide selection.

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Seconded! :+1:

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