🙋 Language goals for 2024? How did you do in 2023? ✨

2024 goals - Korean
I basically just don’t want to forget my Korean-- I’m not tracking my listening or conversation but I will be practicing. I don’t plan on making flashcards, but we’ll see. I took a long break after cramming for TOPIK (6!) and also moved away from Korea, so I’m hoping buckling down on reading will help me keep up my Korean.

  • 4000 total pages read in Korean (inc. novels, young adult books, manhwa, poetry)
  • 12 books (inc. novels, young adult books, language study textbooks)

2024 goals - Spanish
I’m starting to learn…please…just study for once and make some gains in 2024…It’s so embarrassing not being able to converse with my family.

  • 20 books (children’s books, language study textbooks, graded readers)

I’m just now realizing that I didn’t set any goals for Spanish, since Natively Spanish was launched after I posted my goals and that’s what motivated me to go back to Spanish. But I guess, simple 2024 goals would be to read, read and read. Just consume as much content in Spanish as possible, and tackle those high leveled books that I bought.

2024 goals for Korean
  • I had to stop my Italki classes, since my schedule no longer lines up with my tutor’s. I will try to get back into it though, but we’ll see how that goes.
  • 3/5 novels finished
  • 2 graded readers finished, and another that I’ll finish next week. I’ll get back to the others when I get back to my appartment.
  • 4 natively bookclubs joined for Korean, so far no book finished.
  • almost daily reading, on the right track here
  • I haven’t kept up with writing regularly, so I definitely need to change that

I am spending waaaay too much time reading that one LN series right now, so my stats aren’t as good as I hoped, but still 6 non-LN, including 1 non-fiction so far, so I am still on par.


Same; personally, I don’t like the social baggage associated with words like husband. I like the idea conveyed by partner (we’re in this together!), but in French that’s the word you use when you are not married, so I use “spouse” myself.


Nice idea to check progress after a few months

2024 goals

  • Read at least 10 books - I’ve read 2 so far, and I have 20-30 pages left of a 3rd one, so this is going fine so far

  • Read at least 20 manga - I think I’ve read 1 volume so far… I’ve been focusing more on books. I’m currently reading a few though, but 20 might be ambitious. We’ll see…

  • Read and listen to more news/non-fiction content - It’s a lovely goal in theory, super hard for me to accomplish in practice. My daily free time is so limited, I end up just doing reviews and keeping up with book clubs, and never engage with other media. But let’s see how this goals throughout the year

  • Read the dictionary of intermediate japanese grammar - Ongoing!

  • Start on the SKM N2 books - Ongoing! Progressing through the vocab book

  • Read すずめの戸締り and コーヒーが冷めないうちに - Not started yet, my goal is to start on one of them as soon as I finish my current book

  • Focus more on immersion and enjoyment than SRS - heh, this is a good goal. I think I’ve been doing well so far because I don’t have the stress of taking the JLPT this year, but I’m still very stuck in SRS

Just wanted to wish you lots of success and good luck with that - I’m in the same situation, but “lucky” that I use the language at work so I get some practice. It’s really a struggle learning a language you are not so interested in!


Quarterly check-in:

Read 35 total novels


I’m p much on track for this one so far; 25% of 35 is 8.75.

Read a “classic” novel

I’d had こころ lined up for both this and the “higher Natively level than read before” square, but then I ended up going with 夢十夜 (same author, but a series of short short stories) for the box instead, so I’ve still got nothing for this.

Read 4 nonfiction books (may or may not count as novels)


Read 175 manga


Read all of the 黒子のバスケ main series in January (it’s 30 volumes, so should be doable providing I succeed in staving off burnout) | stretch goal: read the two volumes of EXTRA GAME as well

Yeah, this very much did not happen lmao. I got most of the way through vol 7 before basically getting burned out, though not so much on the series as on manga in general. My mental health has been basically poop since the end of last year, and several days I’ve only done like the bare minimum to keep up my reading streak, and I’ve barely touched manga at all. Even getting back into a beloved series (I watched the anime twice years ago, have a bunch of character songs, and have read a bunch of fic and DJs and written a few fic myself) that I’d been dying to read couldn’t save me lol

Listen to something other than songs at least once a month

Ohhh I forgot I was gonna do that. I haven’t exactly kept a record of anything. I know I listened to the 『明日をくれた君に、光のラブレターを』の朗読 at one point, though I don’t remember when and I don’t remember if I listened to any audio dramas at all this year. I did watch some anime and dramas in Jan and Feb though.

I’ve been playing Dragon Quest X Offline, which is partially voiced, since the 29th, so that’s March down. Doesn’t count for much, but it’s still some.

Make progress on BunPro (N5: 126/126 | N4: 104/177 | N3: 2/217 | N2: 3/210 | N1: 1/180)

N5: 126/126 | N4: 107/177 | N3: 3/217 | N2: 5/210 | N1: 1/180

Get all bingos on my bingo board

I’m at 1 bingo so far


This is hard to quantify in the middle of, but I’m working on it.
I started NHKにようこそ! | L32 this week, and while there’s been a lot of lookups, the text so far has been otherwise easy. So on my way I suppose.

I think I’m at 100% for the year so far. There were def some phone it in 1 page of manga kind of days, but I’m still considering that a streak.

I’m in the middle of ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂 1 | L23 and また、同じ夢を見ていた | L25 and don’t see not finishing those.

Should have this in the next few months.

Well we’ll get video games for Natively soon and hopefully that gets me more motivated.

So, uh, I think my listening is already here. My reading is def low A1 and my speaking is for sure A0.

I did find the Magic Treehouse books in French at my local library, so I’m planning on starting to read those soon.
Very annoyingly there’s no audiobook version in French so I’m not sure how much I want to read them or if I want to find some other beginner friendly books with audio… we’ll see…

Another team "partner". I feel like the word husband is icky. I only use it around family and friends who know him as a person. Or when I don't want to deal with telemarketers and tell them that I need to ask my husband 🤮 Otherwise he's my partner.