Physical Media Megathread

I need to get on this suruga-ya train. Seems like they still have free (international?) shipping until tomorrow. I need more games on my shelf that I never have time to play!


Question for those who’ve taken advantage of the Suruga-ya international site: looking at the free shipping promotion, I see this:

A sales commission of 500 yen per transaction will still be charged.

Is that 500 per item or for the entire order?

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The whole order. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll probly also do that in the future, now that I know! It’s so nice seeing the 4-koma & also full-color stuff in physical form :slight_smile:

That’s so cool!! Getting the 花とゆめ magazine is the first time I’ve ever seen manga in that size. I was thinking it would be cool to read it like that… but also not practical to buy the magazines like that (if I lived in JP, maybe a different story).

I noticed the New Game one, but I wasn’t quite sure what the deal was - I’d probly wanna wait till the whole thing series is out, before buying something like that. Idk it’s kinda frustrating buying things multiple times like this… especially since I’ve usually gotten them digitally already. Tho I guess I could sell or gift the current copies, if/when that happens.


Debating with myself over らんま 1/2 right now… I’m 3 vols in and enjoying, but hesitant to commit to all 38 (or w/e I can find on suruga-ya), esp since I’m already reading them digitally.

Does anyone know what the difference between the original ones with the pretty covers vs the re-released 新装版 ugly cover versions are? The new ones have the panda doing poses on the spine… but wondering if they’re remastered or something? Price is the same. Edit: looks like the 1st edition stopped in 1996… so finding copies w/o discoloration seems tricky :slightly_frowning_face:

Oriignal cover 新装版 cover


I have both versions of ご注文はうさぎですか, but only because it’s my favorite manga series. Since it’s Kirara’s most popular 4-koma (presumably why it’s getting a complete edition first) it has two color pages in nearly every chapter. Other series will be more hit or miss on color pages (I’m not sure about New Game, but it’s easy to tell even in the black and white version because there’s a darker tone from the conversion). I don’t actually plan to read this version of ご注文はうさぎですか until the series is done, but I’m buying them as they release in case they stop printing them and to show support to reduce the chances they stop partway through.


I’m pretty sure they’re just rereleases with ugly different covers. I looked at some point and I’m pretty sure they had the same number of volumes. There might be some updated extras in them (although I don’t really remember a lot of extras in Takahashi Rumiko books).


I think it got those too… vague memory of seeing scans/scanlations with those.

Yeah, I thought about the support thing… though also I have a rule that I won’t purchase something physical unless I’m 100% sure I will use it, and not sure I’d wanna take the gamble of having an incomplete set… well something to consider for next order. Do you know if any of their other series have the complete editions, or just those two?

I think just those two for now. There’s a digital only version of Love Lab like this, but I don’t know if it’s exactly the same.

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Japan you never disappoint: :joy:


Update: I ordered a set of the original versions, in pretty good condition, with very detailed pics, on eBay, that will arrive later this week. So now I’m committed to reading the whole thing!

Awesome! At this point, I’m stuck between various options. Oddly the newer ones seem to be harder for me to get. B6 (2-in-1) editions seem to be the best match overall (and I like the covers), but I’m not sure I want to commit for the price

specifics on らんま1/2 formats

1st edition options:

  1. Suruga-ya has 30/38 1st edition volumes, and only a few of the new editions. The price is 300円 per vol… 9,000円 total ($60.30 USD)… but it’s going to be hard to find the remaining 1st ed. volumes
  2. Full sets elsewhere on the internet that come out to around $40ish USD, but no idea how much the shipping would be

B6-sized edition:

  1. cdJapan has all all 20 B6 volumes, which I also like the covers for. But they’re 824円 per vol (16,480 total). With shipping it’s $150 USD, which is way cheaper than buying at Kinokuniya, but still a lot.

  2. suruga-ya has 1-7, 15… these will probly also be a pain to find individually

I should probably put this down for now. Might be worth a trip to Kinokuniya and BookOff to check things out first… and then I can buy that one remaining 暁のヨナ volume, so I feel less bad about never buying locally (twice as expensive).


Ranma volumes came earlier than expected!! Also more warped than I realized… :slightly_frowning_face: Seeing if I can straighten them out a bit with a heavy 850 pg hardcover. Either way, I’m glad I got these covers! Interesting seeing Ranma’s hair change color, based on the color palette

One more shelf to go, for a full bookcase!!


Collection update! I got some more stuff recently but didn’t get around to taking photos, so here are some photos of my book collection all together. There is still plenty of growing room :smiley:


Wow :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: I thought my shelf was quite big, but yours is simply gorgeous! Love it


Sooo envious of the amount of bookshelf/display space you have!! (Not that I’d be able to fill that much anytime soon, but a lot of my English books have been pushed off the shelf at this point…)

In the bottom pic, who after the figures 3 & 4 from the right? They’re there only two I might recognize


I’m probably going to order the NEW GAME one, but one thing that occurs to me… I’m buying stuff used from suruga-ya anyway (just can’t beat the price + free shipping)… so I’m not sure if that even makes any difference wrt showing support

Does anyone know what exactly “double cover” means here? Is it like a cover sleeve on top of a cover sleeve? front and back of the cover sleeve? I can’t find any actual pics or videos of these irl

I would assume you get 2 covers. I have books where the book came with the original cover but also the movie cover. :thinking:


this seems to confirm it.

meaning like 2 removable covers? If so, I’ll probly put the 10th anniversary one up as a makeshift poster or something, cuz I like the original ones better

Yes, it’s two (removable) covers on top of each other. I had that for the first volume of RE:Zero. There was a cover made by the anime team (to celebrate the anime coming out at the time) on top of the regular cover.