Physical Media Megathread

Put in an order to get the new Flying Witch, so bought a few other things at random :smiley:

I didn’t really look at YA!ジェンダーフリーアンソロジー TRUE Colors | L26?? and きのうの君とみらいの君へ ~思春期の6人の物語~ | L24?? before I ordered them. I only got True Colours because it has a short story by an author I like. I also looked at the children’s book publishers and きのうの君とみらいの君へ was advertised on the Mirai Bunko homepage and sounded interesting, so I got that too. I have already read a bit of the first story and it is very easy to understand.


I will put up a review once I read them though that might be a while :sweat_smile: there’s a seroes of 3 other Monster Hunter books with the green borders that I’ve ordered as well. Think those are Monster Hunter X.

Monster Hunter Stories has Japanese language support though I can’t remember if it has furigana or not (recently released on PS4/PS5) if you were looking for an easier game to play in Japanese. I was able to understand most of the stuff through the start up scenes and first bit of game play.

I think I’ve passed the 500 physical books mark now on the shelf and I’m quickly running out of shelf space. No more space for light novels or childrens books though I do need the rest of 本好き and now 銭天堂 as well :joy:


I did not associate him with fantasy. :eyes:


Neither did I. Not sure what it will be like but thought it might be easier than some other fantasy stuff since I found Zoo relatively straightforward with regards to grammar and could understand chunks of it even when I was still a lower level of reading than I am now.

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Depends on the series. I got アオのハコ from there :slight_smile: but can’t usually manage to find series I’m looking for

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The only sets I’ve seen at Surugaya are BL, weirdly. I’ve only ever recognized a few of the series (but I haven’t spent much time at BL university :grin:), but if you can find a set and get free shipping it’s an amazing deal.

Right - surugaya doesn’t usually have sets, but often they have all the volumes of a series - which is effectively the same thing. Sometimes they only have most of the volumes tho… which does get a little frustrating

I’ve only read 3 of the 10 manga I ordered from CD Japan back in April, so naturally I just placed another order. I mentioned elsewhere that I read 雨夜の月 1 | L23 via a temporary free-to-read option but felt like getting the physicals for this series. Normally I’d only order 2-3 for a series at a time, but I just ordered all 7 volumes and have to hope that I continue to enjoy it. I’ll post pictures of those and the other manga I ordered once I get them, hopefully in about a week.


Mine should be getting here on Friday :slight_smile: I can’t wait, cuz I really enjoyed the first 2 vols, and need something to fill the void that finishing my reread of 私の百合はお仕事です! | L27 has left 笑

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I ordered my first two books from surogaya, and asked them about the difference between the overseas and the Japan only website.

They answered diplomatically that they are still working on increasing the number of items on the overseas website. Just adult-only stuff will never be included to avoid conflicts with customs clearance. For the things I am interested in, they ask me to wait for a while.


Apparently all 3 of my orders are coming today. First one up: from Amazon JP (my first time)

Sry I didn’t take the obis off for the pics. It’s way too hot in my living room rn, so I didn’t have the motivation. The covers for 雨夜の月 feel really nice (they’re the matte ones)


Suruga-ya and CDJapan orders arrived


So much manga. I need to get through a lot of this before I’m allowed to buy more (… she says, having gotten a Mandrake alert this morning for a series on her watch list).


Full Sets



I did not need to know this feature existed :joy:

Jealous of the 志乃と恋, and I still need to read 夏目友人帳 someday. Also seeing Gravitation always cracks me up. I’ve never read the manga, but I watched the anime back in high school

Anyway looks like a great haul - enjoy!! :slight_smile:


Mandrake crisis averted–what was available was from the Shibuya store and not from the warehouse. Now that didn’t stop me from buying an entire digital manga series (僕の心のヤバイやつ | L22) this morning but I’ve bought so much recently that because of the sale I could buy the whole thing with points. So… win?


I didn’t realize they did points… I’ve only ordered from them once (Blue Box).

I’m so overextended on ordering rn, bc I’ve gone really hard on ガールズバンドクライ and トゲナシトゲアリ. Trying to support the series - and my current fav band - as much as I can, in hopes of an eventual season 2.

So I won’t be ordering much besides cdjapan, till September probly. I’m only at 40% of my physical stuff consumed so far tho, so plenty to keep me busy!

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I was not clear at all. I ordered from Amazon, not Mandrake, so their points.


Yesterday’s delivery from CD Japan:

Another 2001 上 & 下 (shows as one combined book on Natively). Bought as I have the first 2 books and liked the premise of the story.

僕が君の名前を呼ぶから bought on a whim, because I have a few other of the authors books.

モンスターハンタークロス I like the monster hunter games and have a few of their more advanced light novels as well as a Manga series so thought these would be good for learning the vocabulary, alongside the other green bordered Monster Hunter books I have. And I like the Palicos.

よるのばけもの liked the idea behind it and I have another book by the same author.

週末、森で Didn’t realise this was a manga (knew when I added it to my list a while ago but forgot that fact when I bought it :joy:)

コンビニ人間 I have the audiobook and I know it’s supposed to be a decent enough book for learners. I can understand some of the audiobook even just with passive listening so thought it would be good to pick up a physical copy too.

Next order/s will need to wait a while but will mostly be looking to complete the rest of ふしぎ駄菓子屋・銭天堂 and then rest of 本好き series I think.


If the resulting clouding of your book count irritates you you can probably add the separate volumes to Natively as well (by searching for the ISBNs on Amazon to get URLs to add). I’ve done that once or twice.


I’ve read the two other related books and they’re both good (though I liked the one with a lighter tone better). I also didn’t think they were too difficult, so sci-fi mumbo jumbo aside they should be good for learners as well.

Am I seeing correctly that there are over 100 novels in your owned list? :dizzy_face: