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Hmmm… I just reloaded my “Books” page and it took way more than 10 seconds :thinking: and the console had loads of errors.

Then I opened the network tab and reloaded again, and this time it was much faster and everything was marked as “cached”. So it seems the cache works, but the first time around it’s still super slow.

The console warnings and errors persisted, though. They are along the lines of


I never noticed before having to log in today, but it should be “log in,” not “login.” One word is a noun while two words is a verb.

On the button itself in the banner it’s fine to have “login” —since it’s for the login page where you log in to the site—though it looks weird when the one next to it is “sign up” instead of “signup.” They should be consistent.


Is it consistently slow for you on first load? You’re right… I have a cache item for each book which I use in various places and I think there were a lot of items on your books page which weren’t cached yet, but now should be cached for a long time. Basically, I think your profile should be speedy now.

huh, I don’t get any of those errors on Chrome. Are you on chrome? Firefox?

Heh, duly noted. You’re right!


This one time log out does not appear to have been one time. I’m stilled logged in on my phone, but strangely I got logged out again on my laptop.


Yes, I’ve had to log in three times on my phone now. At least chrome Android auto saves my login info


oh no! I’m sorry you all, I know what the issue is. I use my cache system to store your session data and I’ve changed some configuration recently which makes it so it removes data if if reaches a certain memory limit.

Basically, with my new changes, you’ll intermittently get your logged in status wiped :melting_face:

Will fix today… may require another one time logout of everyone, ugh


Temporary outage - going through an infrastructure change~

Should be back in a few minutes

Edit: Sorry you all, really pulling my hair out here, still working…


OK! Now, after a lot of hair pulling, the infrastructure is set.

However, you again are logged out. Sorry!

I’ve changed the system so that the logged in status is no longer governed by this cache but the database… which should mean I really shouldn’t have to log you all out again.

In other news, you may again see some slight slowdowns. I’m in the process of re populating this cache which should be done in an hour.

Thank you all for bearing with me!!


Works, yeah!

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Firefox on Mac. I guess these errors also slow down the loading of the page… will try tomorrow in Chrome to get a comparison.

Tried loading my page again this morning, and got this:

which is not exactly speedy :sweat_smile:

Also I looked into what Firefox shows me as “cached”:

and I learned that this only refers to my local disc cache, so nothing to do with Natively. But those images don’t seem to take much time anyway, so that’s not an issue, I guess.

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Thanks for the note!! i’m not really seeing those speeds in my metrics anymore. I do think that was a result of all the cache issues today, which have now been resolved. Shouldn’t see that again, but if you do, let me know. Should be down to about 1.5 seconds on that initial library call for you.

I think those errors were just a result of the slowness, yeah… but it does seem like I need to do some general bug fixing for firefox too :sweat_smile:


Yeah sorry about that :sweat_smile:
TBH I’m on the verge of switching back to Chrome - I switched to Firefox a few years ago when Chrome just grew too fat and sluggish, and also I‘m not really a fan of the Googleverse when it comes to privacy :face_with_spiral_eyes: but nowadays so many pages misbehave in Firefox because Chrome has become the new Windows :flushed: and so it’s really tricky (and with that I don’t mean Natively and the like but rather professional stuff I need for work rn :persevere:)



Not sure if related to the changes to the caching but now searching for 本好き (and only 本好き…) gives me an error. Thought it might be related to the JP text but nope, other JP text searches work as do English (including “bookworm”) as does just putting “好き”. Replicates for me on both Chrome and Firefox Android.

(I was looking for Parts 4 and 5 of the manga, I think they still don’t have English titles so they don’t show up when searching for “Bookworm”.)


If you use Mac I’ve been enjoying Arc quite a bit, but my windows machine is still Win10 which isn’t supported yet (Win11 compatibility just came out, though!), hence being on Firefox there. Arc is Chromium based but not as heavy as Chrome. It took a day or two to get used to the work flow change and tweak some of the default settings but I really do recommend it!


Brave is another chromium based browser. I started using it because its mission is privacy. It’s been a number of years since I’ve reviewed what they’re doing anymore, so do your homework if that’s something you’re concerned with, but it works on all of my devices (Win10, Android, iOS) and happily syncs between them.