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@polv @nativelearner roger on all of this!

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By the way, there should be a link to My Lists somewhere from the drop down top menu (either under the far-right profile dropdown or Lists) because I always have to go through my profile to find my lists when I want to mess with them.


About the forum, but Book Clubs (category) is Japanese only, while bookclub (tag) can be any language or multi-language…

Actually, there are Book Clubs sub-categories in other languages too, but the language names aren’t visible, as well as #reading:book-clubs only links to Japanese.

All Languages doesn’t have any sub-categories, only tags.

I think by default the other languages that you’re not listed as studying are muted in Discourse. I unmuted them because I’m nosy, but I think for most people the default muting is desirable behavior.

Or do you mean you’ve unmuted them and it still doesn’t work?


I’ve never muted anything.

Clicking “Book Clubs” goes to Japanese >> Reading >> Book Clubs, and it doesn’t show Kiki which is listed as All Languages with bookclub tag.

No way can I know “Book Clubs” means Japanese, other than the color code.

Clicking “bookclub” goes to bookclub tag, which includes All Languages.


btw, clicking any of the Book Clubs here only goes to Japanese >> Reading >> Book Clubs. (i.e. Book Clubs)



Korean Book Clubs, for example, (supposedly) has different a color code.
But, no books are given colored sub-category.


Hmm, what could be a good solution to this? Adding language tags? Changing the bookclub tag to Japanese bookclub, Korean bookclub, All languages bookclub etc? Better color coding? Adding flags to the thread title?

I propose language tags, and reading tag, watching tag. Then remove language categories and subcategories, convert to tags.

Non-JP Book Clubs categories (2nd level) not working is a Discourse bug, but 1st level language subcategories are just bad UX.

Hello! Forgive me if this isn’t the right thread for this post.

I find myself often interested in checking who has finished a book and so I click on the link to the activity section.


There are often a lot of “wants to read” and “started to read” status updates which I don’t care about and it’s inconvenient to wade through. And so I wonder, is there a way to filter the status updates so it shows just those who have finished reading?



I’m trying to remember if there’s a product request for this; it’s an issue that’s been brought up before for sure. I’m a proponent as well.


I also recall this being discussed but I couldn’t find a product request. I’m also in favor. I remember this discussion because we also discussed users who have their list set to private, and I think I mentioned some simple way to still include that information without revealing who it was.

At least the thing I remember wasn’t so much filtering activity as it was a whole new display showing current status for users. Or something like that.

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This thread?


@brandon Why is it possible to rate books that you have in your Owned list? Shouldn’t it only be possible to rate books in Finished, Stopped, and (maybe) Reading?

I noticed this when looking at 現実もたまには嘘をつく | L22 because I saw that one other person rated the book but the page said “1 finished” (which is me). I scrolled to the activity section expecting the other person to be Stopped, but they actually have it in Owned.

(I don’t know if this is common practice due to reading a book translated or something, but at least this user has rated several books in their Owned list)


I’m not particularly concerned if users elect to do this because, as you mention, there’s at least a reasonable use case wrt having read the translated version.

I haven’t really seen people leaving reviews w/o having read it, which I’d think would be slightly more concerning… but really i’m not too miffed about it. In general there’s just a lack of reviews.

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I don’t think you should rate something on a language learning site if you haven’t read it in the target language. Normally a rating is just about enjoyment, but here it should take into account (even if subconsciously) the language. For all we know, they didn’t like the book because of a bad English translation.


I find not being able to do this a bit awkward occasionally, because I would prefer my books-read count not to include textbooks, but Natively wants me to mark textbooks as read or it gets very confused about me reviewing them. For instance Essential Japanese: An Introduction to the Standard Colloquial Language | L5 I have reviewed, but the review shows up for me only in my list of reviews, not when I look at the book page itself. (IIRC it does show up for other users, which is a bit odd.)


Can confirm, your review shows up when I look at the book page)


Edit book information?
Hi, new user here - enjoying the site a great deal. I have a very minor problem:
An Author’s name is not consistent across different titles (one title has a space between their names wheras the usual format is no space). I can still search for them and use other functions, but my statistics come out a bit wonky:

Is there a way to edit book information?



Hi, welcome! So there’s no way for a user to manually change book information; you can click the Submit Feedback button on a book or series page to request changes one-by-one, but it can add up to a lot if you have a lot of change requests over many pages.

That space/no space thing has been a bit of an issue for a while, unfortunately. I know that @brandon, the site owner, prefers having the space in, so there’s been a move towards having the space in Japanese author names, but as you’ve seen it’s not entirely consistent. I don’t suppose you have any plans in the pipeline for that, @brandon?


Thanks! I’ll request spaces be added rather than removed then. I don’t want to make work for the admins, but I do like my stats :nerd_face:


It’s related to this product request. You can add that it also affects stats there and even cast your vote if you’d like