Reading Goals 2023

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I have been tracking my books since 2012 and not reading for me is a clear indication that my mental health is not good. It’s like an early warning sign, but I only ever realize once I am past whatever was the problem. :see_no_evil:


(Please ignore 2021. That was an experiment that I would not recommend. :sweat_drops: 2013 I discovered audiobooks which is why there is a significant increase from then on.)

I am glad you found your reading bug again. :green_heart:

I am not in love with gideon the ninth, but bookriot has a cool list, with recs based on what exactly you liked about the book.
The only books I read on that list are MIddlegame (loved it!), the Murderbot series (it’s good fun) and this is how you lose the war (don’t remember much, but ppl loved it); There might be something on here for you. :slight_smile:


very much agree with that, though that’s not the only factor which has modulated my reading ability. (the internet. getting internet was a disaster for my reading. wouldn’t want to miss it anyway).

and thanks for the recommendations ^^ i’ve heard good things about This is how you lose the Time War, i’ll have to pick it up when i get a chance.


I wish to read most of my L13-19 manga. And read enough L20-26 'til it become a similar experience to the one I currently have reading L13-19 ones (i.e. in terms of ease of understanding the grammar and everything).

I find LN particularly difficult, most of the ones in my 積読 list are L27+. I’d like to start reading one by the end of the year.

Lastly finish all my textbooks.



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I don’t have that many hahah
I have to finish Genki 2
新完全マスター読解 日本語能力試験N4
日本語総まとめ grammar reading listening N4
and Tobira


Hello all, nice to be here.

My main goal this year is to read 魔女の宅急便. Getting a EPUB reader that has instant lookup yomichan func has helped significantly.

But I still need to start smaller and just read more widely. I have been reading NHK Easy for some time fairly decently but I still get tired after 3 or 4 articles. So I need to build my stamina.

Recently finished フライングウィち1 to my surprise, so I think my level is closer to here than to Kiki. So will probably start trying to read around here, and check the other threads for recs on big slabs of text to try and read.


Hey there, I’m new here and loving it so far.

I’ve not been reading for too long, so I guess my main goals for the year would be:

  1. Not specifically related to reading, but Anki every day unless I’m away from home.
  2. Read something, however much or little I can manage, 5 or more days a week.
  3. Dubious if it’ll happen this year but I’d love to read (or at least begin) an actual book, not a manga. I’m interested in かがみの孤城 and have seen there’s an edition aimed at younger kids so maybe that one! Still undecided though.

I didn’t think I’d have any specific goals for 2023, apart from the nebulous “reading more than in 2022” - but I just realized that getting out of my comfort zone would make a great goal!

So, here goes.

In 2023, I’d like to…

  • …start and finish at least two manga without furigana. (Hopefully that’ll cure me of my fear of leaving furigana behind without being able to use Yomichan…)
  • …start and finish a book from the L27+ orange zone. (My highest level so far has been L24.)
  • …finish up at least the main storyline of Yokai Watch 1. (And maybe even the same for Pokemon Legends: Arceus too!)

You could try reading along to an audiobook as a step in between. :smiling_face:


I’ll also do that at some point (maybe even with the orange zone book) for listening comprehension, but since I can’t add audio to those manga I’d still be afraid of furigana-less manga afterwards :sob:

My plan is to jump in at the deep end in the hopes that a) I realize that I already recognize most of the kanji used and that b) I’ll quickly get used to using tools to recognize kanji I don’t know yet and it doesn’t turn out to be too annoying.


A bit late but my reading goals for this year are to read more in Japanese that isn’t from a textbook or a graded reader/ guided reader, though the Read Real Japanese series is something I’ll dip back into again after a bit.

I’ve made a start on キノの旅 light novels and read a little so far though I’ve had to look a lot up. A page is about 20-30 minutes for me though most of that is looking up kanji compound words where I’m familiar with the individual kanji but I’ve forgotten the reading of or just don’t know what it is in s compound word.

Ultimately I’d love to get through all of the キノの旅 light novels this year as well as some of the other native level novels, short stories and manga I’ve got but I think I may need to possibly re-read some of キノの旅 after completing them so I can understand them a little better before moving on once I’ve finished reviewing the N5/N4 and lower N3 grammar I’m learning.

We’ll see how things go. :slightly_smiling_face:


My goal is very simple and that’s to continue reading. I’d like to say that I should make it a goal to buy less books but I know myself well and that’s not going to happen.




I have found my people!


@Biblio @readingsoftammy

I finished a bunch of books since the beginning of the year, yet my 積読 pile now stands at 23.