Sale and Promotion hunting

Instead of poisoning further the What are you reading today thread with promotions and sales in the different stores, I think it would be better to have it’s own thread, as it’s better for tracking.

Try linking both the store and the natively link (if it’s a specific series promotion/sale) to keep some sort of consistent formatting.


Promotion deadline: Unknown

The first 5 books for 400yen, the first volume is free.

Also first book free, first 3 books 500yen.

And first two books free, third book 500yen:

First free, second 660yen:

Natively link requested and pending

First two books for free, third 500 yen:

First book free:

Natively link requested and pending

NSFW? First novel free

Natively link requested and pending

First novel free, second volume 550yen

First volume free:

First volume 60 yen:

First two volumes free:

Natively link requested and pending

First book free, second 500yen:


Bookwalker almost always has promotions going on.

Vol. 1-5 of the LN of わたしの幸せな結婚 are currently (until July 27) on sale (just linking the first):

and the first volume of the manga seems to be always free:


転生王女と天才令嬢の魔法革命 | L33 (volume 1) is half off. I enjoyed the anime a lot and definitely plan to give this series a shot, though I may not actually start it until next year after I finish 本好き.


This topic was a bad idea :rofl:


Great idea, I keep a watchful eye out for yuri manga sales (i.e. i know a site that aggregates them) so I will chuck the best of the lot in here.


But looks like good news for Natively referral revenue :heart_eyes:

Just think of it as helping the site…


so, any traffic that originates on natively is counted towards your referral? I thought, you’d have to use specific referral links. That’s good to know. :smiling_face:


Let’s see if this works:

Daily Kindle Sales:

Monthly Kindle Sales:

Limited Time Free Manga (Kindle):


Anything in the forums (there’s a discourse addon) or in the ‘where to find’ section in Natively will auto add my tag at the end of amazon urls.

I guess if you put an amazon link in a book review on the site, I don’t catch that… but yeah it’s mostly auto appended!

Do note though that while this does generate some welcome revenue, we are still not making the big bucks here… still very much a negative income enterprise at the moment :laughing:

one day…


I’ll take a discounted premium account when you are profitable for purchasing all my stuff through natively links, even non-books :rofl:


ReLife volume one is available for free.


Kobo/Rakuten sales listing:セール中の作品&g=101&l-id=search-l-genre-1

And Kobo/Rakuten free books, mostly but not all 期間限定:

I usually use Kobo to buy my Japanese ebooks, but its search and discovery is pretty bad, so I look for sales/free things on the Rakuten site. It’s common for things to be on sale or 期間限定 on both Amazon and Kobo at the same time, but sometimes it’s just on Kobo (and presumably vice versa as well).

The collected volume of 天地明察 is currently on sale for 275 yen - I watched the film adaptation and really liked it. Might be worth checking out if ‘astronomer-mathematician samurai gets involved in the surprisingly political process of calendar reform and stakes his life on predicting an eclipse’ is the kind of thing that sounds appealing.


ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 (series) | L30 audiobooks are on sale until August 28th:

vol 1 is 80% off, everything else 30%, except the latest 2 vol. which are a spin-off series


Do you know if that audiobook site has any awkwardnesses for using outside Japan (needs vpn, needs Japanese postal address, etc) ?

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The first volume of the following manga is currently free, it’s a cute story and I recommend trying it out if romcom shounen is something you can enjoy

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I would also like to recommend the following on sale for 99 yen 1st volumes of the following:


I don’t remember having to give my address anywhere and it accepted my credit card (without vpn), though it’s a bit awkward since you have to buy points. :expressionless: but I only have vol 1 and that’s from a while back.

(Having said that, I also don’t have issues with audible and I know people who do. So maybe I am just lucky.)


I don’t know what this series is about, but it was ranked first on booklive in the 女性向けライトノベル and the first volume is free until the 28th (vol 2 and 3 are 99 yen). The discount may be why it’s first, though.


(free until August 1st)

(free until Aug 6th)