Show what lists a book/video belongs to

Description of your request or bug report: it would be great if book/video and series pages had a Lists tab, where we could see what public lists a book has been added to. Reasons this would be cool:

  1. Book/video discovery - easy way to find other things in a similar vein
  2. People write helpful/interesting things in list descriptions, that might not be in a review (it they might not write a formal review in the first place)
  3. List Discovery - easier to find interesting lists (might be less relevant as lists get more sophisticated filters)

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I agree! I think we can show a whole lot of valuable content on the book pages now, I just haven’t gotten it all together.

  • blurbs
  • tags
  • reviews
  • lists it’s a part of
  • similar content (this would be new, but after looking at it, it wouldn’t be hard)
  • gradings
  • activity (less valuable)

Right now, the only really engaging things I feel are blurbs, tags and reviews. Gradings are certainly interesting to more advanced users, but ‘similar content’ I think would be more valuable, same with lists.

Activity probably could be made more engaging with a few tweaks, but generally I think it’s less engaging then the other things mentioned.

We’ll see when I get to it, but it’s relatively high priority. Would think in the next month or two.


I’m not sure if it exactly belongs in this list, but something that might also be interesting to surface could be newly added content. Partially as media discovery, but also partially because I’m self serving and I want everything on Natively to have a grade and there’s no way to do that if people don’t know it’s here :joy:


For me “Lists this is in” feels a little more valuable than “Similar content”, just because it would be human-curated, but “Similar content” would lend better to discovery of less popular titles, so they would both be excellent things to include on book pages.

Gradings could be more relevant and less “advanced” if they could be filtered to My Books, so that information’s more personalized and doesn’t just look like a random list of titles.