Week 1 🎀 女装してめんどくさい事になってるネクラとヤンキーの両片想い 👗 BL Book Club

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Shuumei has a problem. He’s in love with a girl who works at a maid cafe, but he’s too cool to go into a place like that without being embarrassed. But girls can go to maid cafes without seeming creepy, right? When he dresses in feminine clothes and transforms himself into “Mei,” he can finally walk into the place to meet the girl of his dreams: the lovely blonde Hana. Meanwhile, Hanae is an introverted otaku who’s uncomfortable talking to people…unless he’s dressed in feminine clothes himself. While decked out in his best dresses [note: incorrect, he is wearing a “uniform”, in the sense that it belongs to the shop], he works at a maid cafe, and finds himself crushing on a young woman who regularly comes to visit him: a cool beauty named Mei! In this delightful LGBT+ romcom, two young people in love are about to find out a lot about each other–and themselves.

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Oh dang, completely forgot we were starting today. :open_mouth:

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@bibliothecary, I think you posted the 癒し系 read here by accident. This was so cute. :face_holding_back_tears: Great nomination, @Naphthalene! On one hand I want to read more, and on the other I’m scared of them finding out the other’s secret too early and losing all the fluffy cuteness. D:

I like how シューメー’s ヤンキー弁 slips out when he’s cross-dressing; interesting that 憂真 can seemingly slip into girly tones pretty easily himself; I wonder if it’s due to all his free time spent watching idols? His conversations with his otaku friend are pretty funny as well; I wasn’t expecting 拙者 to pop up.


Don’t scare me like that! It’s a real fear when I’m making all the weekly threads! :rofl:


You have a ton on your hands for sure. You’ve been doing great, though, no worries!

these faces


A personal fave


I’m guessing because 憂真 has probably been working at the maid cafe for a while, so he puts on the maid persona regularly, whereas シューメー might be cross-dressing for the first time?

That was definitely the fluffiest thing I’ve read in a while! Really curious to see how things will possibly develop from here.


Forgot about this!!! I need to start recatching up with my to read lists lmao
Hopefully I’ll stay on sched this time :smiling_face_with_tear:


I almost forgot to read this, and then I had to be careful not to accidentally just read on into chapter 4 :sweat_smile:

Curious if either of them will have luck changing their personality. It’ll be especially fun if their boy lives get more contentious while their girl lives start dating :joy:


I really have no time to come and comment on the forum, but I’m glad people are enjoying this series!