Week 1 of マルコと銀河竜 ✨🐉

Week 1 September 23 2023
Character count ~7325 characters
Stopping point CG image percentage 16%
Stopping point description Marco leaves the supermarket. The Ruri character screen is shown.
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Can someone please confirm I understood what was happening in this week’s part?

マルコ is from earth. She was kidnapped as a young child and her mother was murdered (or maybe not, she seems to think she is still alive? repressed memory?). She was then sold as a slave but her slaver seems to give her quite some freedoms. She is now on earth to find her mother (and also find food and to sell something but that didn’t quite work out).

Parallel there is an alien that is hell-bend on killing everything and everyone in the galaxy and he has an emotionally stunted daughter that looks nothing like him (adopted?) and he sends her to school and to write a diary? I was so confused with this jump in storyline.

(非常食 is the best character, 10/10. :rofl: btw. does anyone remember an anime or a manga where one of the characters also referred to a pet or a companion as “emergency rations”? I definitely have come across this “joke” before but I can’t remember where.)


Not a manga or anime, but I know for sure it’s a line from Genshin Impact (game) that got really popular on the internet:


ah, thank you! that’s actually it. I completely forgot about Genshin. My brain is now satisfied!


Personally, the pig looks a lot tastier to me, but Paimon’s always there for real emergencies I guess… :drooling_face:

As far as the story goes…

I love it so far! As soon as I saw those clown thugs at the start, I knew this one was gonna be special. :laughing: The starting animation looked so good too. The little dance was especially great.

Also, I couldn’t quite figure out what おっとくー meant for a little while. Just in case it trips anyone else up, I’m pretty sure it’s お得 (おとく), as in “a bargain,” they’re just saying it in a silly way. Maybe that was obvious to everyone else, but it confused me a bit. :sweat_smile:

Super excited to continue today. ブヒ!

Story confirmations

Yeah, that’s what I get too. It’s a bit confusing since Marco says that she’s looking to find her mother (implying she’s alive), but also that her mother’s “head was blown away” (implying she’s dead, which matches what happened at the beginning), so… not quite sure yet how both of these infos mesh together.

Maybe in the galaxy it’s normal for mothers to live on when their head is blown away? :thinking:


Yeah. Astarot (that alien) also seems to want the lizard stone Marco “found”, since we see the characters from that movie sequence characters again here, so that’s how he’s connected to the storyline.

Yeah, that’s what it means! I had to toggle to the English translation there, and that’s what they used too.


I don’t know what I expected this game to be, but it definitely wasn’t this. The range from piano prodigy drama to clown mafia to cartoon-network style animated thieving hijinks to planet destroying empire dad is absolutely wild and I’m loving it so far. Pretty simple language-wise too, compared to other things I’ve read lately, so this should be a fun thing to look forward to each week!

I also appreciate all the technical features like a backlog with a quick-jump feature and the quick language switching/dual language display. I accidentally pressed the fast-forward key on my keyboard during one part, and it only took me about 10 seconds to find the backlog menu and jump back to where I was before. That’s good UX design!



I don’t think we can now at this point what happened to the mom. I don’t think we know she is dead. And Marco might think she is probably alive, but she isn’t certain either.

That crocodile looking thing bought her. I didn’t get the impression that she is still thought of as a slave (by herself, anyone else, or whatever law there might be in the galaxy).

I’m reading with dual text, taking screenshots of intereseing lines. And one line that I’m not sure is accurately translated is:

My anger towards you has once more been released back into galaxy.

Where does the English translation get the idea from that it’s her anger?

Also, now that I’m writing that, I’m not sure what と does in 銀河へと放たれた

Also, what’s up with the hair cut of 写真屋の母? I thought that was historic.


emphasis. litarery finesse. basically: it sounds better. :rofl:

Edit: What is the meaning of "へと(助詞)"? - Question about Japanese | HiNative


Excel saga comes to mind :slight_smile:


That does seem a little weird. I wouldn’t have interpreted it as her anger either. The use of the word “back” also seems odd, I thought of it more just ‘releasing out into the galaxy.’ I mean, she’s not exactly returning them to where they came from :sweat:


I don’t know the context (and I don’t plan to check) but without further info assuming that the anger belongs to the speaker is pretty normal.

But returning to the “not angry” state. Again, not knowing anything about the story, the English sentence doesn’t strike me as weird.

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Context is definitely key here. What just happened was a person, who just said she wants to kill the bad guy that destroyed her planet, was physically launched into space by the daughter of said bad guy. Daughter then says the line. Interesting point that it does make sense on it’s own without that context though.


For what it’s worth, I also immediately thought it meant (literally translated) “Another one of my angers towards you has been set free into the galaxy.”, so apart from the “back”, the English translation meshes with my understanding. She doesn’t seem particularly happy with her father’s behaviour, so I thought the girl sent back into the galaxy could be thought of a carrier of Haqua’s (presumed) anger towards her father, hoping against hope that he’s stopped.

Although thinking about it, considering how emotionless Haqua seems and how angry the released girl is, “Another anger towards you (i.e. angry person) has been released (back) into the galaxy.” also seems like a possibility.


Oh, that’s an interesting interpretation I hadn’t thought of. I agree she seems to be putting her own emotions towards her father into this moment, so if that is the case and the translators intentionally worked that in, props to them.

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Having read @Athakaspen’s explanation, that’s the first thing that came to my mind (but again, no full context).
It could be one of those situations where the sentence is left intentionally ambiguous in Japanese and the translator has to grasp at whatever they can.

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I wonder if natives find it ambiguous - or they just go with whatever understanding their brain provides and don’t feel like it’s unclear. :thinking:


That’s what my brain does. If I don’t notice at least two plausible interpretations at once, I’ll just go for that.


Personally, I don’t think too much about what I read to begin with. So unless something strikes me as odd or unclear, I don’t even notice. :sweat_smile: stuff like this becomes only noticeable to me when I try to translate it and realize that there is more than 1 option. (Translating for uni was hell, because you had to know which version your teacher wanted to see. :face_holding_back_tears:)


Same… Also the classical music BGM has me going “ムカつく”… Like it was cool for the first minute or so with The Planets, but it’s just waaaay too distracting for me (former musician with some classical training), and the other classical selections just remind me of cartoons growing up (I’m assuming that was intentional)

I wasn’t expecting to hear 井澤詩織 Shiori Izawa (who voices Argo in SAO) as the lead’s VA. That was a nice surprise!!

Anyway, I’m really enjoying it!